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Rouhani Blames US for Iran Economic Crisis; Receive Backlash From All Sides

During a recent speech, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has once again blamed the US for Iran’s economic crisis in an attempt to shirk responsibility, but it predictably backfired, sparking outrage from the Iranian people and even regime officials, who can clearly see that the issues are caused by widespread, systematic corruption among the mullahs.

Ardeshir Motahari MP said: “The address for country’s problems is not the White House but the Pasteur Street (Tehran) and the office of those who have wasted the country’s time by negotiating with the White House.”

Of course, he does rather miss the point. Negotiating with the US would be fine if the Iranian regime was willing to protect the Iranian people and stop warmongering, but it is not. If anything, the US wasted time because the mullahs will never change. Motahari was more concerned about inciting public anger that could see anti-regime protests.

While MP Abbas Abdi, who previously recommended Rouhani for President, said that he should resign because he is not able to do the job of effectively negotiating, although it’s important to remember that negotiations are not the problem; it’s the regime sticking to its side of the deal.

Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani

The state-run daily Vatan-e Emrooz wrote: “These days Rouhani tries to close his eyes on his previous promises. His government’s logic was to blame previous officials for sanctions, but now he takes no responsibilities and blames Washington DC for the current situation.”

In fact, most of the criticism from fellow politicians or the state-run media was because they feared stoking anger amongst the people, which could result in the overthrow of the regime, rather than anger over how the regime had actually caused the problems in the first place.

Even those in the faction of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who hate the US and do not support negotiations with them, failed to support Rouhani’s comments. Why? Because they feel that blaming Rouhani will help disguise the fact that Iran’s problems are caused by Khamenei, with Rouhani being little more than a puppet.

This further proves that the regime cannot be trusted. Not one of them. All of them are part and parcel of the system that is holding Iran back and not one of them can be allowed to remain after the next people’s revolution.

And this revolution will happen. The Iranian people know that their problems are caused by the regime, so in five consecutive nationwide uprisings they have chanted slogans like “down with the dictator”, “Reformists, hardliners, the game is over”, “our enemy is here, they are lying to say it’s America!”