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More protests in Iran over the economy

The past few days have seen more protests in Iran over economic issues, according to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), which are all down to the mismanagement of the regime and the intense pressure this has caused for the Iranian people.

Saturday, December 5

Over 500 fuel tankers drivers, who usually transport fuel to Iraq, continued their 10 day-long strikes in the cities of Qasr Shirin, Kermanshah and Hamedan, the Parviz Khan and Bashmaq terminals, and at the border of Marivan.

They are protesting low fares and demanding higher ones, vowing to continue until their demands are met.

They said: “Due to the high cost of spare parts, especially wheels, as well as the current high costs of food, we cannot make a living with this amount of rent.”

Also that day, 50 Yasuj Freight and Passenger Transportation Organization workers gathered to protests not being paid for eight months

They said:  “In the current economic situation, even if a worker receives a wage, they will not be able to make ends meet, let alone us, whose wages have been delayed for months.”

Sunday, December 6

The academic staff and teachers at Mahshahr Azad University protested outside the university’s main building for the second day in a row to demand that their wages from last month are paid and that they get their annual salary increase.

One protester said: “We are reaching mid-December, but we have not received our salaries for November and the arrears of the first six months of this year.”

Workers of the Isfahan steel company hold a protest - December 6, 2020
Workers of the Isfahan steel company hold a protest – December 6, 2020

Meanwhile, Isfahan steel company workers protested low wages, rampant inflation, and the regime’s failure to solve people’s livelihood issues.

Also on Sunday, PhD students from Tehran University gathered outside the university’s 16th Azar building, which is named in honour of National Student Day, to protest the university’s decision to evacuate dormitories amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when they live in the married dormitories.

Tehran University’s Ph.D. students gathered in front of the university’s 16th Azar building - December 6, 2020
Tehran University’s Ph.D. students gathered in front of the university’s 16th Azar building – December 6, 2020

Monday, December 7

Several cattle breeders in Shahr-e Kord rallied outside the local Ministry of Agriculture Jihad office to protest a lack of livestock inputs.

Meanwhile, workers in Izeh country held a protest outside their company for the second day in a row over not receiving their wages for four to five months, for which they blame Water and Sewerage Department officials.

Of course, the regime will not help the people, because this would be an admission of wrongdoing, i.e. hijacking the Iranian people’s wealth and using it to fund warfare, terrorism, and oppression. This would lead to the overthrow of the regime, even though this is coming soon enough.

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More protests in Iran over the economy