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Iran, Under the Mullahs’ Regime, Is at the Bottom of the Global Rank for Anti-Corruption

In its latest report (2020), Transparency International ranked Iran at 149th out of 180 countries in terms of corruption.

According to the report, Iran, which is still among the “red” countries in the organization’s world map, managed to get only 25 points out of 100 points.

In the last three years and from 2018 onwards, Iran’s ranking has dropped from 138 to 146 and then to 149, respectively.

The Iranian regime is among the most corrupt governments

Transparency International has linked corruption to the coronavirus pandemic. “Our research shows that corruption not only undermines the global health response to Covid-19,” the organization wrote. “It also leads to the continuation of the crisis of democracy.”

Denmark and New Zealand are the top countries in Transparency International’s ranking of corruption. These countries have scored 88 points. They are followed by Finland, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland. They each have 85 points.

Recently, the state-run newspaper in Iran called “Mostaghel” wrote about the depth of corruption within the regime:

“Everyone is vaccinated regarding corruption. Disclosing corruption is no longer sensitive. Unfortunately, the situation of corruption in our country is such that addressing it and making it public and, in the media, does not necessarily prevent it. We are all the culprits. We have all failed, or worse, we have become partners in corruption.”

This ranking is not new in relation to corruption or such confessions in the state media and even by various officials about corruption. For 42 years, this regime has maintained its disgraceful rule based on repression, torture, imprisonment, and execution. In these four decades, Iran, which could have become a developed and free country with a high level of income and welfare of the people, due to its huge capital and very high potential, has faced such a situation. More than 60 million Iranians out of a population of 80 million live below the poverty line.

Iran’s resources and assets are either plundered by the criminal leaders of the regime and its terrorist Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) or are spent on projects to acquire nuclear weapons and export terrorism and warmongering in the region and the world.

But enough is enough! The Iranian people and their organized resistance will soon overthrow this corrupt regime with their nationwide uprisings and achieve freedom, democracy, justice, prosperity, and progress in Iran.