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Torricelli: After Assadi Conviction, US Should Not Negotiate With Iran

Shortly after the guilty verdict and 20-year prison sentence was announced in the terrorism trial of Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi, the Iranian Resistance held an online conference attended by some of its staunchest allies from around the world.

One of these people was former Democrat Senator Robert Torricelli, who argued that the West and especially the US should refrain from talks with Iran over the nuclear deal because increased concessions will only embolden the regime to attempt another terrorist attack like this.

Now this speech was made before President Joe Biden stated that he would not even begin to negotiate with Iran until the regime complied with the existing deal that they are still a part of, but Torricelli made some excellent points to explain why the “moderates” in Iran should not be trusted.

He said: “If the intention of the Biden administration is to reengage with Iran on the nuclear accords, there’s some serious thinking to do here. Who’s going to be at that table? [Iranian Foreign Minister Javad] Zarif? His agents? Those who may have been in those notebooks in this conspiracy, about whom we now have information? The very people who made the decisions to send this weapon to Europe to kill us? There is some serious thinking to do.”

Torricelli advised that the US re-entering the nuclear accord did not make sense, was not in the US’ interests, and could not possibly be justified, given that an Iranian agent, instructed by the highest levels of the regime, had plotted to blow up a Free Iran rally in France, attended by 100,000 people, intending to kill dignitaries and politicians from across the globe. (Not to mention that Assadi will now go on trial in Germany after police found evidence linking him to a continent-wide terror network.)

He further said that the Iranian people didn’t choose the regime, rather it has been thrust upon them and they have lost hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens to the mullahs’ nooses. He implored Iranians to fight back, as they already have done, and end the regime.

Torricelli said: “The government in Tehran is a terrorist regime. As it has terrorized your people, it has terrorized the world. And by whatever means is necessary, the burden of history falls upon you to remove it. There are brave Iranians all throughout Iran who have taken to the streets and paid a price. There are Iranians in the diaspora all around the world, now coordinated by the MEK, the National Council of Resistance and Mrs. Rajavi taking a stand for regime change. I’m afraid the burden also falls upon you. This regime must fall. And all of you, wherever you are in Iran, can play a role as all of these leaders now throughout Europe and North America must think about their roles in light of this extraordinary decision today in Europe.”