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Yet Another Iran Official Admits Regime Is To Blame for Economic Crisis

Iranian officials, experts, and state-run media outlets have begun warning of a new uprising in Iran as social and economic crises get worse.

The Arman daily interviewed sociologist Mostafa Eghlimi on Saturday and he highlighted that Iran’s economic crisis led to a 35% increase in inflation over the past year, as well as skyrocketing prices, which has resulted in customers having less purchasing power, shops shutting, factories closing, and people being laid off.

Eghlima explained that this means that the country is on the verge of explosion because the people who have nothing are told to “be satisfied” by regime officials who are living in the lap of luxury and refuse to do anything to right the problem.

He said: “People’s economic conditions have a direct influence on social developments of society. Meanwhile, no one is willing to accept the responsibility of people’s social and economic problems. In this situation, some advise people to resist. The question is, while the father is unable to feed his wife and children, how on earth could he resist? The government announced it would increase salaries, but anytime it does, it also increases taxes several times. People hate a government that cannot manage crises. People cannot live with promises, and officials’ promises wouldn’t be the food on their table.”

As the regime and its apologists attempt to blame sanctions for the economic crisis, it is more and more apparent that the mullahs are to blame, as Eghlima said that it is the regime’s “wrong economic policies” that caused this crisis.

Furthermore, Eghlima stated that, in spite of regime claims that those demanding regime change are linked to foreign powers, the people are demanding an end to the regime

He said: “When economic pressure on people exceeds their capacity, naturally these pressures turn to protests on streets. How long could we manage society as we have done in the past? As much as we make hollow promises and postpone resolving their problems to the future, the severe the social explosion will be. I warn officials. They should think now and increase their efforts to answer people’s demands.”

The Iranian Resistance explained that the regime is fully aware that a new uprising is brewing, which is why they’ve increased oppressive measures, including execution, arbitrary arrest, and torture, but that these will not help the mullahs cling to power, as the daily protests have shown.