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What is the Contribution of Iran’s Labor Children to the World Day Against Child Labor?

June 12 marks the World Day Against Child Labor, but it is another day of a miserable life under the mullahs’ regime for the Iranian labor children.

The children of any country are considered among the human capital of that society, which are among the most vulnerable social groups. Lack of attention to children’s growth and health, and education has huge irreparable losses for the country.

Today, most governments pay special attention to this issue and pay special attention to the education and health of children for the proper development of the human capital of their society. Funding for education, health, healthy recreation, diverse cultural facilities, and nutrition are among the foundations of childcare.

In the 1980s, the number of labor children in Iran was limited. But by the end of the fourth decade of the mullahs’ dictatorial rule, the number of labor children in Iran is estimated at between 5 and 7 million, according to state media reports.

Until a decade ago, most labor children were boys, according to surveys of Iranian labor children. But now, the number of working girls is overgrowing—little girls who have turned to various jobs selling handicrafts in the streets and subways to crossroads.

An essential issue for labor children in Iran is the lowering of the average age of these children. In countries where such a problem exists, and children are employed, most children are over ten years old. But in Iran, the number of labor children under the age of 10 is increasing sharply.


Garbage collection is a pest for Iran’s Labor Children

Numerous Iranian children have resorted to garbage collection to support their families. But what needs to be considered is the risks to labor children of various social disasters as well as a variety of diseases. From the very beginning of their work, Iranian labor children are in a cycle where they gradually get out of a normal situation.

Leaving school is the first step to ruin for labor children.

Suffering from a variety of diseases and ongoing dangers that threaten their health is the next step in the path of these children.

Bad learning and exposure to all kinds of cultural and social problems is one of the next steps in the issues of these children.

Turning to drugs and consuming dangerous substances are among the severe threats facing these children.

Committing various crimes and arresting and imprisoning them is another severe step that darkens the future of these children.

If we consider this phenomenon in a certain period (10 to 15 years), the depth of the catastrophe will be plotted. Because of the widespread and high number of labor children, can say that the next generations of society are being destroyed.

As we know, any society’s production and future potential lie in the development of its children. That is why today, many governments use their highest potential to raise their children and the future of their country. But under the rule of religious tyranny in Iran, children, especially labor children, are among the social groups that receive no attention.

A scene of garbage collection by labor children in the streets of Iranian cities.
A scene of garbage collection by labor children in the streets of Iranian cities

In Iran, the municipality even extorts money from labor children!

Another painful yet scandalous scene is the treatment of labor children by municipalities. Municipalities viciously do not spare even the low-income children of garbage collectors. Municipalities have tried to extort money from these garbage children with all kinds of tricks. Tehran Municipality have issued “work cards” to garbage children to legalize and cover-up this shameful act. Every garbage child must receive a “work card” by paying at least 500,000 tomans. Otherwise, he will be arrested by municipal officials without having this card.

This is part of the product and record of a regime based on repression, corruption, looting, and deception.

Suffering and exploitation only end with the overthrow of this regime and the establishment of freedom, democracy, human rights, and justice in a free Iran.

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What is the Contribution of Iran’s Labor Children to the World Day Against Child Labor?