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Iranian Regime Continue to Lay Out Strategic Plans for Iran’s Future, Despite Failure After Failure

The defeat of Khamenei's strategic plans and the drowning of the country in the corruption and destruction of the mullah regime
The defeat of Khamenei’s strategic plans and the drowning of the country in the corruption and destruction of the mullah regime

Eleven years ago, in order to assist in the progression of Iran in the 21st century, an organization was created by the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The ‘Center for the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress’, as it was named, was soon handed over to the control of Khamenei’s cousin, Sadegh Vaez Zadeh, while Khamenei and his regime’s officials continued their corruption and plundering activities.

The main purpose of the organization was to establish a model in order to help advance the country, however what people had failed to pinpoint was the fact that Khamenei’s previous initiatives had failed to achieve their purposes, so what warranted a new organization?

It was only after seven years of work, that an initial document for the new model was delivered to Khamenei in 2018. In Khamenei’s vision, he laid out that he wanted Iran to become a leading figure in the production of science and technology, and that he aspired to have Iran have one of the top 10 world economies.

Iran News Update said, “After these hollow compliments, Khamenei ordered another two years of the revision of the program, to become operational in 2021 and be the pattern for the country’s administration. In 2003 Khamenei delivered the 20-year Outlook Plan to the regime officials but there is no new report about its fate. The same holds true for the eight-clause plan of 2021 about the uprooting of poverty, corruption, and discrimination.”

A 50,000-page document was created by the Center for the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress with the help of the regime’s researcher and experts, according to their website. However, the unveiling of the document has led many regime officials to cast doubts on its value, especially given the 50-year forecast it has outlined.

On July 19, 2021, the state-run Shargh daily criticized the document in its publication, stating, “The fact is that internal and external problems and issues have entangled our everyday life, and in these circumstances, the horizon of the next few decades cannot be well seen. Indeed, is it possible to offer 56 measures for all economic, political, cultural, and social fields until 2065?!”

Iran News Update said, “The fact is that the regime has implemented six five-year plans for the administration of the country. But every time someone speaks about the result of these plans, terrible events and actions are revealed.”

Earlier this month, on the eve of the anniversary of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the latest document from the Center for the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress was delivered to Khamenei.

On February 5, the state-run daily Etemad wrote in their publication that,“Vaez Zadeh, head of the Islamic-Iranian Model of Progress Center, noted that more than 100,000 pages of written text are ready to be used as backup documents.”

Economist Vahid Shaghaghi spoke to the Tejarat daily the same day and pointed out that the regime consistently writes strategies that ultimately end up being archived. He said, “Unfortunately, there is a weakness in the executive system of the country, and that is the continuous preparation of an industrial development strategy. Every government that comes, rewrites an industrial development strategy.”

The regime’s president Ebrahim Raisi has previously held the officials of previous administrations responsible for the current state of affairs in Iran.

Iran News Update said, “But the reality is that no one is blaming himself for the situation of the country, which is grappling with unemployment, high prices, poverty, pervasive corruption, managerial inefficiency, foreign policy failures, environmental crisis, and various social ills.”

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Iranian Regime Continue to Lay Out Strategic Plans for Iran’s Future, Despite Failure After Failure