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Execution of 47 Prisoners in One Week by Iran’s Clerical Regime

No to Executions in Iran!
No to Executions in Iran!

Iran’s clerical regime executed 47 prisoners in different cities during a week from June 7 to June 14, 2022.

At dawn on Sunday, June 12, 2022, the regime executed four prisoners in Shiraz prison. The identities of the three prisoners are ‘Fahim Waliullah Dini, a citizen of Afghanistan, Mojtaba Ali Nazar, a native of Marvdasht, and Ali Karam Kianpour, 37, a native of Darab. The identity of the fourth executed prisoner is unknown.

Khamenei’s henchmen executed a conscript in Kermanshah on Sunday, June 12, for the murder of his commander, which happened in the garrison’s shooting range.

Khamenei’s henchmen executed four prisoners in Zanjan, Jiroft, and Zahedan prisons on Saturday, June 11, and Monday, June 13. The names of the two prisoners who were executed in Zanjan, are Tooraj Keshavarz from Hamedan and Ali Samandarnejad, 45, from Hashtrood.

On Monday, June 13, the regime executed a prisoner named Behnam Mohammad Hijavan, 40, from Jiroft, Kerman province. Also on Monday, June 13, a prisoner named Mohammad Rigi (Gangoozi), the son of Khodadad from Zahedan, was executed in Zahedan Prison.

The inhumane Iranian regime has intensified execution in the face of popular protests. The number of registered executions reaches 38 prisoners in just one week (June 6-12).

Khamenei’s henchmen hanged eight prisoners in Gorgan and Kermanshah prisons between June 6 and 12. On 6 June, 6 prisoners were hanged in Gorgan Prison and on 9 and 12 June, 2 prisoners were hanged in Kermanshah Central Prison.

Another 30 prisoners were executed in Zabol, Urmia, Kermanshah, Ilam, Ardabil, Khalkhal, Ahvaz, Isfahan, Amol, Birjand, and Zahedan prisons during the same period.