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Commemorating the 2022 Iran Uprising at Paris NCRI Conference

Commemorating the 2022 Iran Uprising at Paris NCRI Conference

On September 7, 2023, a significant conference titled “Iran Nationwide Uprising, One Year After” convened, showcasing prominent international dignitaries in attendance. Among the notable participants were Congressman Randy Weber of the United States House of Representatives, Senator Gerry Horkan from Ireland, and Mr. Jim Higgins, the former Minister and Vice President of the Irish Delegation to the European Parliament.

Commenced the conference, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests. She underscored the extensive history of the Iranian Resistance and the PMOI/MEK in their enduring struggle for freedom, spanning over five decades, encompassing confrontations with both the Shah’s dictatorship and the clerical regime.

Highlighting the significance of September 16 as the anniversary of the nationwide uprising in Iran, Mrs. Rajavi stated, “In the face of the enduring spirit of resistance and perseverance exhibited by the Iranian people and the Resistance, the regime seeks to delay its inevitable downfall through intensified suppression. The Resistance network within Iran continues to expand, with a growing number of young individuals joining the ranks of the MEK network and Resistance Units. For years, the regime deliberately avoided acknowledging the MEK and NCRI to propagate its false narrative that there was no viable alternative and that the democratic opposition lacked support within the country.

However, the activities of the Resistance Units and the Resistance’s network have reached a point where the regime was compelled to alter its stance on this issue. Presently, the regime’s officials openly express their concern regarding the decisive role played by the MEK Resistance Units in the uprising and their apprehension about the increasing number of youth supporting our objectives.

On July 12, 2023, the regime’s parliament speaker, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, while summarizing the uprising, conceded, ‘PMOI had the biggest role in organizing and carrying out these protests.’

Consequently, the regime has escalated its campaign of demonization against the NCRI and PMOI, resorting to tactics such as terrorism, hostage-taking, and other intimidation methods to compel foreign nations to curtail the legitimate activities of the Iranian opposition.

The regime’s focus on PMOI members in Ashraf-3 underscores its fear of their influential role. Nonetheless, it must be unequivocally stated that nothing can deter the PMOI and the residents of Ashraf from pursuing their goal of liberating Iran.”

Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that the policy of appeasement toward the regime has contributed to its continued existence, and a new approach is long overdue. The Iranian people’s aspiration for freedom and democracy will persist until the overthrow of the oppressive regime.

She asserted that the regime’s atrocities will not deter the Iranian people and the Resistance but will only further fortify their determination to pay the price for a free and democratic Iran, determined by the people’s choice.

In an inspiring address, US Representative Randy Weber condemned the Iranian regime’s systematic suppression of secular citizens, persecuted religious minorities, and independent-minded Muslims, stating, “This revolution, this time, aims to eradicate any form of dictatorship in Iran. Discarding the mullahs does not mean reinstating the monarchs. There is another path, as your freedom fighters’ famous slogan demands: ‘Death to the dictator,’ whether it be the Shah or the leader.”

“By overthrowing the Shah’s dictatorship, with all its military might, the Iranian people demonstrated their dedication and willingness to make sacrifices. Indeed, the 1979 revolution was rooted in the desire for freedom, democracy, and human rights. However, the clerics led by Ayatollah Khomeini hijacked the revolution, consolidated power within the first year, silenced dissenting voices, repressed freedom advocates, and waged war on the Iranian people. Nevertheless, 44 years later, the Iranian people’s desire for the original goals of the 1979 revolution remains alive and even stronger.”

Representative Weber also remarked, “You may have heard that America’s government is deeply divided along partisan lines, and in many respects, that is true. But when it comes to the cause of a free Iran, the United States Congress is remarkably united. With robust bipartisan support, my colleagues and I have put forth a congressional resolution in support of the 10-point plan.”

In conclusion, Congressman Randy Weber called upon fellow members of democratic parliaments worldwide to stand in solidarity with the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom. He urged his global counterparts to reaffirm their commitment to supporting the Iranian people in their pursuit of freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Also present at the conference was Mr. Gerry Horkan, a member of the Irish Senate, who expressed gratitude for the Iranian Resistance’s efforts to raise awareness about the Iranian regime’s atrocities and threats. He commended their leadership in the endeavor to fulfill the aspirations of nearly 90 million Iranians.

Senator Horkan stated, “We are here to support you, the NCRI, in your quest for democracy. You are advocating for people to have what we have, not to replace one dictatorship with another. You are seeking the 10-point plan that guarantees religious freedom, gender equality, and equal rights for all nationalities, faiths, and non-believers. You are saying that you are willing to provide an interim government, but you want the people to have the opportunity to vote for their government. I hope you’ll be successful, but you are advocating for democracy.”

He continued, “3,600 parliamentarians from 40 different countries support the NCRI, including in the Irish Parliament, where we have endorsed motions in favor of the 10-point plan and freedom in Iran.”

Former Irish Minister and former European Parliament member Jim Higgins also addressed the conference, sharing his insights into Tehran’s deceptive efforts to tarnish the reputation of the Iranian Resistance.

Referring to the Iranian regime, he asserted, “They are dangerous, deadly, and devious. They will stop at nothing to undermine the PMOI’s credibility. But they will not succeed because the PMOI has weathered all the attacks and propaganda hurled against them.”

Mr. Higgins added, “It’s crucial that countries come together, roll up their sleeves, and work collectively to align their economic interests, such as oil and resources, with their support for the PMOI and the MEK. We should take unified action on all fronts, ensuring international solidarity at the United Nations, the European Union, and globally to expose these individuals as pariahs and make it a reality.”

Concluding his remarks, Mr. Higgins emphasized that the Free Iran movement enjoys support from political parties across the spectrum, expressing hope that “one day, freedom will come to Iran through Mrs. Rajavi’s long-overdue 10-point plan.”

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