Ms. Nahid Taheri former political prisoner
Ms. Nahid Taheri former political prisoner

You can see another part of the testimonies of eyewitnesses of the 1988 massacre in Iran in the following clip.

This part is dedicated to the testimony of Ms. Nahid Taheri.

My name is Nahid Taheri. I was imprisoned from February 1982 until April 1984 in Hamedan prison, also known as Ershadgah prison.

I was a student at the time of my arrest. Ershadgah was a place the regime could force us to abandon our ideals, but they failed.

During the time I was in prison, the criminal Ebrahim Raisi was Hamedan’s prosecutor, and another mullah, Salimi, was the judge in our city.

Every prisoner went to court and received a sentence. Raisi used to summon all women and announce their verdicts. Raisi announced the execution sentence of many of my cellmates, including Mahnaz Sahrakar, Mina Abdoli from Malayer, Fakhri Gholami from Kermanshah. All of them were executed in 1983.

One of Raisi’s methods in 1983 was to sentence the death row prisoners to death by hanging. He did not use the firing squad, as he wanted the prisoner to suffer more.

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