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Iran: Isfahan Farmers Resume Protests, Attacked by Anti Riot Units

November 26, 2021: Isfahan Uprising
November 26, 2021: Isfahan Uprising

Isfahan farmers gathered at Zayandeh Rud river basin on Friday, November 26, to resume their weeks-long protest.
Anti-riot security forces attacked the peaceful protesters and fired teargas at the crowd.

Protesters are resisting the repressive forces and standing their ground. At least one person arrested.

Farmers are demanding fair access to irrigation water. Isfahan is faced with an environmental crisis caused by the regime’s destructive policies. Regime officials have yet to address the farmers’ demands.

Iranian regimes’ security forces in Isfahan open fire, injure protesters

November 26, 2021: During Friday’s protests in Isfahan, security forces opened fire on protesters. Videos show security force shooting at locals protesting severe water shortages due to the dried Zayandeh Rud river.

In other areas, anti-riot forces attacked and beat protesters with batons. Several protesters have been injured.

Protesters continue to resist security forces while chanting slogans against regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

Isfahan’s farmers began protests over state mismanagement of water resources over two weeks ago
Not responding to the farmers’ demands, regime authorities have instead dispatched security forces to suppress protests.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said in this regard, “I salute the courageous people of Isfahan who are resisting against the raid of revolutionary guards. They are confronting tear gas with chants of “death to the dictator” and “Isfahani, cry out and demand your right.”

Mrs. Rajavi added, “The mullahs’ religious fascism is the enemy of Isfahan and Zayanderud River. It has occupied the country, but the people of Iran are determined to liberate their beautiful country.”

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