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Iran Protests: Security Forces Attack Peaceful Gathering of Isfahan Farmers

Iranian regime's security forces attack peaceful gathering of Isfahan farmers
Iranian regime’s security forces attack peaceful gathering of Isfahan farmers

State security forces stormed the gathering of a large group of Isfahan’s farmers who had gathered at the basin of Zayanedeh Rud river before dawn on Thursday, November 25, ransacking their tents and burning their belongings.

The farmers, who had been holding rallies for more than two weeks, were demanding fair access to water to irrigate their lands.

Videos obtained from the scene show tents burning and a large contingent of anti-riot forces advancing on the farmers at Pol-e Khaju.

Security forces used teargas to disperse the protesters. In the background, authorities are ordering the protesters to go back home. “You have received the resolution you wanted. You’ve been supported. Go home,” the authority said, to which the farmers responded, “You’re lying! You’re lying.”

It is worth noting that the protesters had declared that if their demands for access to water were not fulfilled by Thursday, November 25, they would hold a huge gathering on Friday. The farmers’ movement has become very popular among the people of the province.

On November 19, thousands of people from around the province gathered in the basin of Zayandeh Rud to support the demands of the farmers.

The ongoing protests have also triggered similar movements in the neighboring Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, where protests began on November 21 and are ongoing until today.

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