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Iran: Retirees and Pensioners, Resume Protests in Several Cities

May 22, 2022: Iranian retirees and pensioners of the Social Security Organization held protest rallies in several Iranian cities on Sunday, May 22. Protesters are demanding better pensions and settlement of unpaid wages.

The government is supposed to raise pensions according to inflation and raising price of goods.

The cities of Tehran, Kermanshah, Rasht, Qazvin, Tabriz, Kerman, and Ahvaz were among those where such protests took place.

The protest of the retirees, which occur regularly, are happening as Iran has seen widespread protests due to declining economic conditions, growing inflation, and skyrocketing prices of basic goods.

In recent weeks, the prices of flour, bread, milk, cooking oil, and other basic food items have increased several-fold. The regime has been making hollow promises to control inflation and prices, but has failed to do so. On Sunday’s demonstrations, the protesters were chanting, “Enough with cruelty! We have nothing to eat!”

Also, they chanted: “Raisi, shame on you! Let go of the country!” the slogan, criticizing regime President Ebrahim Raisi.

Meanwhile, It is worth noting that the mullahs’ regime media reported that The Social Security Investment Company (SHASTA), the financial institution that is supposed to fund retirees, has seen a significant increase in its profits in the past year. However, these profits have yet to materialize in the lives of pensioners and retirees.

These gatherings are taking place shortly after anti-regime protests in many cities in May 2022.