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Continuation of Various Protests and Strikes of the People in Iran

Protests and Strikes in the various cities of Iran – June 2022
Protests and Strikes in the various cities of Iran – June 2022

Recently, various cities in Iran have been the scene of protests and strikes by the Iranian people, who have taken to the streets against the mullah regime. The report of some of these protests related to the retirees and pensioners of the Social Security Organization, as well as the strike of the shop owners and Bazaar merchants, follows.

Retirees and pensioners in Iran hold the ninth day of protest rallies

Pensioners and retirees in several Iranian cities resumed their rallies on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.
Protests were reported in Tehran, Ahvaz, Dorud, Kermanshah, Shush, and other cities. This is the first time retirees have been holding protest rallies for consecutive days.

In Ahvaz, protesters chanted, “We will fight and die, and we will get back our rights.” In Dorud, protesters were chanting, “Enough with the tyranny; our tables are empty.”

As Iran’s economy continues to nosedive, pensioners and retirees are among the worst-hit segments.

Shop owners go on strike in Tehran, Kazerun, Arak

Shop owners in Tehran, Kazerun, and Arak went on strike on June 13, protesting increased taxes, the devaluation of the rial, and other economic problems.
The strikes are happening simultaneously as protests by retirees and pensioners in several cities.