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MEK Resistance Units of Iran Affirm: “Revolution Alone is the Answer!”

MEK Resistance Units of Iran Affirm: "Revolution Alone is the Answer!"

While the Iranian regime employs diverse tactics to instill public apprehension and hinder protests during the commemoration of the 2022 nationwide uprising, the Resistance Units are actively nurturing the flames of dissent and countering the machinery of repression orchestrated by the regime.

The Resistance Units constitute a network of activists affiliated with the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). They have played a pivotal role in driving the countrywide uprisings against the regime’s harsh suppression, carrying out these actions at considerable personal risk.

In recent days, the Resistance Units have executed various initiatives throughout the nation. In Gorgan, located in northern Iran, they shared videos while chanting, “The sole resolution lies in uprising and revolution; all else is illusory!” and “The pretext is the veil; the answer is revolution!”

Lately, the regime has reinstated patrols of the morality police, tasked with enforcing adherence to the regime’s mandatory hijab regulations. The primary aim of this endeavor is to dampen the populace’s demands to rescind the hijab rules. Conversely, the people have made it unequivocal through their slogans that they seek nothing less than a change in regime.

In Tehran, the Resistance Units brandished placards bearing images of Iranian Resistance Leader Massoud Rajavi, emblazoned with phrases like “The path to liberty is through the liberation army,” “The core dispute revolves around revolution and regime alteration,” and “The mullahs’ regime will be eradicated, reminiscent of the Shah dictatorship.”

Additionally, they showcased slogans proclaiming, “Rejecting both Shah and mullahs, embracing freedom and democracy,” a catchphrase that gained traction during the 2022 uprising, as the vestiges of the Pahlavi dynasty and the clerical regime attempted to endorse the concept of reinstating the ousted monarchy.

In Tabriz, the Resistance Units displayed banners asserting, “Revolution is the sole solution; the objective is the complete ousting of the regime,” thus refuting the promotion of so-called reformist factions within the regime.

In Karaj, the Resistance Units affixed posters of Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the NCRI, in public spaces. One poster carried the message, “Through uprisings and revolts, we have the capability and the obligation to liberate the subjugated nation.” Similar endeavors were noted in Yazd, Arak, Rasht, Kashan, Someh Sara, Yasuj, Shiraz, Bam, and Shahin Shahr.

In Mahabad, a member of the Resistance Unit held up a placard condemning, “Khamenei, you are a perpetrator of murder, and we will bring you down!”

Within Tehran, the Resistance Units left graffiti on walls reading, “Our deliverance emanates from uprisings. This regime is approaching its demise,” alongside, “Down with the oppressor, whether Shah or mullahs.”

In anticipation of the anniversary of Iran’s nationwide uprising that commenced in September 2022, the regime has intensified its repressive campaign to foster fear among the public. This campaign encompasses an upsurge in executions and the detainment of dissidents. The regime’s focus is particularly aimed at suppressing supporters and networks associated with the PMOI, an issue recently highlighted by regime officials as their primary concern.

This strategy entails heightened pressure on political prisoners accused of backing the PMOI. However, the activities of the Resistance Units bear witness to the regime’s profound failure in quashing the spirit of resistance prevailing within Iran.

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