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I have a dream: An Iran free of execution and torture.

I yearn to see a country, where cranes shall be used for construction and not destruction of human life,

A country where stoning to death and limb amputations would be a thing of the distant past,

A country where religious and kangaroo courts shall be disbanded,

A country where love, friendship and tolerance shall replace mistrust, hatred and vengeance.

I have a dream: a free and democratic Iran,

A country where all citizens shall enjoy the right to freedom, the right to life and the right to security,

A country where all citizens could express their beliefs and wishes, where everyone would be free to protest,

A country where everyone shall be free to choose one’s clothing and way of life.

I have a dream: An Iran where tolerance and peace shall flourish.

A country where all citizens with diverse beliefs and religions could live side by side in harmony,

A country where no religion would be banned and no religion would enjoy privilege over another,

A country where inquisition would be eradicated, and no citizen prosecuted and persecuted for his/her beliefs or thoughts.

I have a dream: An Iran at peace and friendship,

A country where war, bloodshed and violence shall be completely eradicated,

A country which would promote peace and friendship in place of fundamentalism and terrorism,

A country that would be committed to coexistence and good neighborliness.

Indeed, I have no doubt that on the road to realizing these dreams we shall overcome all difficulties,

We shall eradicate fundamentalism from the pages of our history forever.

Nothing could stand in the way of freedom dawning on Iran.

At this very moment, I hear the cry of the great nation of Iran. It says: We shall overcome.

Our homeland shall be free.

– Maryam Rajavi

We are a movement striving to make this dream a reality.

In the past four decades we’ve faced atrocious acts of savagery and inhumanity, from executions to torture and persecution, but we have never given up on the notion of a ‘free Iran’.

And today we are the voice of the thousands of political prisoners across Iran and echoing the cry of 80 million people across Iran for freedom

Join us, in our quest for freedom and human rights in Iran

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