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Speech by Zinat Mir Hashemi at Free Iran: The Alternative

Free Iran

Speech by Zinat Mir Hashemit at Free Iran: The Alternative Gathering 2018 Villepinte , Paris

Mirhashemi: Thank you all for your contribution to the resistance of the Iranian people. In every corner of Iran, we can see several generations of the Iranian people are joining our struggle to say no to the Islamic Republic.

At the forefront of this struggle are workers, teachers, farmers, nurses, and especially the women. The people will no longer tolerate tyranny and oppression of the regime.

The struggles of the people entered a new phase in January. The people don’t believe in change from within the regime but by overthrowing the Iranian regime.

The regime has only added to the misery of the Iranian people and the environmental disaster of the country through its mismanagement and its violent meddling in the region. The people are showing that they want to get rid of the dictatorship.

We pay tribute to the martyrs of freedom in Iran. These martyrs helped pave the way for what we’re seeing today. We can see a future where we can avenge their death and this day will stay in history forever.

We hope that next year, this gathering will take place in a democratic Iran. As Mrs. Rajavi said, victory will come.

Mirhashemi:Those who scare the people from change, have either ignored the the struggle of women and men of  or have special interests in preserving the status quo.

But the impoverished people of Iran have sent their message to the world. They have paid a heavy price to get rid of this regime. On the anniversary of June 20, the Day of Martyrs and Political Prisoners in Iran,

 The People’s Fedayeen of  hope to see this gathering held next year in a free Iran. As said, victory is on its way. We are the innumerable and united to topple the religious tyranny of the mullahs.