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Free Iran: Protests in Sweden and Germany

Free Iran: Protests in Sweden and Germany

Iran freedomMaryam Rajavi

We believe that all the embassies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Europe, in particular in Germany, are the centers of espionage and should be closed by the European states.

I too, because of the fact that I attended the Gathering, I demand all the embassies of the regime abroad, to be closed, and this matter should be dealt with seriously and without forgiveness.

I want to ask the European governments to close all the regime’s embassies as soon as possible, these are doing nothing, save planning terror plots. And I hope the appeasement policy to be stopped.

They must stop doing this. It is our duty and we are able to make them to take a stance, either individually and on behalf of their parties or their governments. We are not satisfied with just being paid lip service, they have to act and punish this terrorist-diplomats.

At a certain point, the red line must be demarcated so that one can say that they have reached to the end and the overthrow of the regime is emerging. And we want the embassies of the regime to be closed before they realize that they have to get lost and the game is over for them.

Thank you; I wish victory