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Free Iran: There are moments that can change the path of history

Free Iran

: There are moments that can change the path of history. I take pride in the word it’s been deeply

: Bold. We face difficult issues. Of the day and more. I still have a Dream

: Of those who don’t allow destiny to define their path but instead define the path of. There are those who say no. And

: Swim against the current. There are those who map the future and change

:: The path of mankind.

: You can’t sit idly by and expect to see change in society. You. Have to Be the change we want to see in the world. Story coming into us all with planful the central Tehran and galop Square. Before that we are the future of this world.

:: Now with the growth of technology and communication our world has turned into a small village where everyone has that reach within one click. Our world has never been so connected and so aware of what is happening across the globe. Step by step we can make never again a reality if we are today. Our chance to create change starts here and now. In the . The Iranian regime executed hands of thousands of political prisoners.

: Held in prisons across Iran. The massacre was carried out on the basis of a fatwa.

: By the regime’s then supreme leader Khomeini. The world has yet to learn of the atrocities committed in the dungeons and prisons of Iran in those years and to this day. Now a movement has come together to call for justice.

: From the streets of Tehran and from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea. And. The capitals around the world from Sydney to Washington from London to Geneva to Paris Berlin and Oslo. A new generation has come to the scene rising for justice and calling.

For an end to impunity. We have the power to end the cycle of executions and mass murder which continues today in Iran. Today is the day to rise for justice and the international call for justice because we can only truly end this cycle of hate with. Justice.

1988 massacre