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1988 massacre : Commemoration of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran

1988 massacre

1988 massacre : Commemoration of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran, the red roses of freedom, who were hanged by the henchmen of Khomeini in 1988

Hail to the martyrs of the 1988 massacre, here is Shiraz, August 2018

Death to Khamenei, viva Rajavi

Ebrahim Bahadori-Kashkooli

Shahram Ardeshir-zadeh

Abbas Khosh-khah


Tehran, Azadi Avenue

Maryam Rajavi, “We commemorate the anniversary of the massacre of 30.000 political

prisoner.” August 2018

The anniversary of the 1988 martyrs, “We neither forgive nor forgot.”

Viva Rajavi

North Khorasan Province

Death to Khamenei, the murderer!

Viva Rajavi


Death to Khamenei, the murderer of 30.000 political prisoners in 1988!


I am Naser Ghleii, I said “No” to Khomeini in 1988 and I kissed the noose! Tehran, August 2018

PMOI martyr of 1988 massacre, Ali Alian, August 2018

Markazi Province


Behesht-e Zahra, Tehran

Hail to the martyr, Mojahed, date of martyrdom Sep. 11, 1984



Maryam Rajavi, “Hail to the heroes of the 1988 massacre who said “No” to the regime. By

doing so, they branded the entirety of this corrupt and inhuman regime with the seal of

certain overthrow.” August 2018