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Flood disaster in Iran; why

In recent days, Iran flash floods have swiftly swept 25 provinces of the country, leaving enormous casualties and damages.

Without any doubt, the responsibility of the recent disaster, simultaneous with Iranian New Year, and Nowruz holidays is on the corrupt and negligent clerical regime.

Being located in a warm region at the northern hemisphere, Iran has been facing the crisis of shortage of water and drought in recent years. So the question is why this current course of raining has turned to flash floods nationwide ruining people’s lives and creating a national catastrophe.

Since flood is one of the most common natural disasters, there have been many delving into it, and many countries allocate a proper amount of resources to control it. They have also taken measures to lessen their devastating effects.     

But in Iran under the rule of the corrupt despotic regime of the mullahs, plundering of natural resources, especially forests and pastures and ruining the natural routes of water streams and turning them into roads or railways to benefit trades, by mostly the IRGC elements, has turned a few days rain into devastating flash floods all over the country.