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Iran’s devastating flood and the clerical regime, the greatest disaster!

Iran’s devastating flood and the clerical regime, the greatest disaster!

Needless to say that dredging the watercourse was the least that the government should have done. 

But robbery and plundering in the corrupt regime of Iran do not leave any place for the affairs relevant

to the people’s lives and assets.

In fact, the people of Shiraz are well aware that the dry seasonal river bed beside Darvazeh Quran, at the

time of the presidency of so-called reformist Khatami, was changed into a street against all the

standards of urban facilities.

 About two decades ago, a part of cases of corruption and Land Grab scandal of the regime’s affiliated

elements was disclosed.

The people of Shiraz and all the Iranian people know well that if it was not for plundering their national

wealth by the mullahs, the lands and people of Iran would not have been so vulnerable against natural


Everyone knows that deforestations and selling Iran’s soil to foreign countries, alongside a variety of

construction regulation violations, are further reasons behind the recent floods.

Otherwise, if the mullahs were not to wreck the massacre of the environment and traditional flood trails

The people of Iran used the benefits of rainfall.

But the regime tries to mysteriously attribute the disasters

 to sudden and unexpected events and anger of nature.

That’s why,

The only way to save Iran’s environment and people, is through toppling the clerical regime ruling Iran. 

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