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Six imperative measures that must be taken regarding Iran’s regime:

Six imperative measures that must be taken regarding Iran’s regime

Maryam Rajavi: Terrorist Designation of Iran Regime’s IRGC an Imperative for Regional, Peace and Stability

1. Recognizing the right of the Iranian people and the Resistance to overthrow the ruling religious fascism and to establish freedom.

2. Placing the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and other organs of suppression and export of terrorism and fundamentalism on State Department’s FTO list as well as on the EU’s terror watch list.

3. Expelling the agents of the MOIS and the terrorist Quds Force from the United States and Europe.

4. Referring the dossier on the Iranian regime’s human rights violations and the massacre of political prisoners to the United Nations Security Council and the International Court of Justice.

5. Expelling the illegitimate clerical regime from the UN and recognizing the Iranian Resistance as the true representative of the Iranian people.

6. Evicting the Iranian regime and its forces from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Afghanistan.