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Antonio Tasso Speech In MEK Free Iran Rally In Albania

MEK / PMOI Free Iran rally in Albania– Antonio Tasso Member of Italian Parliament supported MEK and Maryam Rajavi’s plan for a free and democratic Iran– July 13, 2019

Antonio Tasso: Madame Rajavi, representatives and distinguished guests, and dear Iranian sisters and brothers. It is a singular honor for us to participate in such an event. As we gather to celebrate the freedom of speech, the freedom of thinking and idea sharing, I come here for the second time and Ashraf 3 is even more beautiful and operative.

Antonio Tasso: Congratulations, the improvement to reach your dream is clear and visible. A dream guided by a brave woman, the President Maryam Rajavi, and open for Iranian people. I am honored to meet Madame Rajavi at last year’s gathering in Paris and I have admired her charisma of leader as well as her 10-points program for a free Iran. And in each and every occasion that I joined you, I found myself improved with precious knowledge achieved and hopes defining places to look forward.

Antonio Tasso: Sometimes, when I try to get an answer to difficult questions like what kind of government politic can guarantee or at least try to guarantee a healthier and happy society, I start to look into history. Because if there is an infinitesimal possibility to predict the future, that prediction is based on experience of our past. And from our past I learned that most brilliant examples of humanity and virtues have as a common denominator the passion of liberties and this then (for will) opposed with (oppression) and violence. The persistent defense against the tyranny and dictatorship.

Antonio Tasso: Every time the world changed people, thought there could not be someone who could alter the history. I see that the resilience that precede a phenomenon in the bravery that the Iranian community has demonstrated fighting for human rights. And I hope in a common community, A common state not divided by color, caste, religion, or ethnicity, where humans are not subordinated to other humans, the day when a wind of liberty will delete the cruelty of totalitarianism come and a new vision for the country based on the principle of democracy, laws, and civil rights will influence the new mentality.

In concluding, dear friends, when the last citizen with his own voice will have the possibility to claim his dignity and achieve the individual happiness, our mission will finally considered to be done.