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Iran’s 1988 Massacre: Testimony by MEK/PMOI witness Homa Jaberi, Ashraf 3, Albania, 15 July 2019

Iran’s 1988 Massacre: Testimony by MEK/PMOI witness Homa Jaberi, Ashraf 3, Albania, 15 July 2019

Hello to all distinguished friends. and dear Maryam Rajavi 

Hello, my name is Homa Jaberi. I spent 5 and a half years in Mullahs’ regime prisons and I witnessed their crimes. I wrote the book of my prison memories and crimes I witnessed.  I will share part of what I saw with you.

In 20 June 1981, when I was 18 years old, I was arrested while participating in the MEK rally with half a million participants in Tehran. I was immediately taken to the notorious Evin’s prison. I spent 2 years in solitary confinements in Gohardasht and Evin prisons, the misogynist Iranian regime was unable to break our resistance through torture and solitary confinements, so it decided to create a secrete torture compound called “Residential Units” in Ghezelhesar prison.  

our families weren’t aware that the regime has transferred us to this place and were looking for their children in other cities. Only Lajevardi and some tortures like himself were authorized to enter this place. Some of my friends and I were taken there.

I was 40 days in the residential units. From the moment we entered the car, some giant torturers started beating us with cable, they punched and kicked us then at one point they kicked us out. Due to tortures and because of being thrown out, we couldn’t walk and we fell constantly, then they threw us in a room, and covered our faces with a thick textile and told us we will kill you by night.

Some torturers battered us for hours, and kicked us in between them like ball. Someone hit me in the heart and cried out of pain, it was a crime to cry under torture and if anyone had done it would go through tougher tortures. This continued until midnight, my hands were swollen from the whiplashes. My face and body were bruised.

Once Lajevardi came and said this the last station for you, here is the hell for you, no one will save you, scream but no one will hear you here. We will kill you here.

They kept us standing facing the wall for three days with no rest, we had deliriums, and fell, on third day I went unconscious. The torturers were with us all the time, and we were blind folded facing the wall. I was there for more than 40 days; some women were kept there for 6 months or more than a year. It was absolute silence, even coughing or sneezing was answered with severe torture. No one was able to cry under torture, if happened they were beaten. All the orders were given by punches, kicks, and whips. They used a thick cable that once hit, prevented us from sleeping for days.

They blared terrible dirges then attacked and severely battered us. They kicked us while we were eating or praying; this made us vomit. We had no hygienic facilities. We couldn’t shower or brush our teeth. There was only one broken toilet. After 40 days, I was taken to Evin prison. Some of my friends had lost their mental balance. Some of the prisoners would not even speak of the tortures they had suffered. Some of them who could hardly speak said that the torturers treated them like animals and forced them, with severe tortures, make animal noises and insult themselves. Some had been raped.

In one word, those in the residential units, either lost their mental balance or were later executed during the 1988 massacre. Including, Frangis Mohammad Rahimi, Shekar Mohammad-Zadeh, Ashraf Fadai and Tahmineh Sotoode. The only motivation for me to go through all those hardships was keeping faith and believing in Massoud Rajavi and the cause freedom.