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Supporters of MEK/PMOI in Berlin rally in front of Iran’s embassy to support Iran Protests

support Iran Protests

support Iran Protests

Supporters of MEK/PMOI in Berlin rally in front of Iran’s embassy to support Iran Protests

A large number of Supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) held a protest gathering on December 26, simultaneous with the 40th day memorial of over 1,500 martyrs of the Iran protests, in front of the Iran regime’s embassy in Berlin, Germany.

The participants chanted slogans and sang songs in solidarity with and tribute to Iran protests and its martyrs.

The slogans of protesters against the regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei’s crimes, echoing the voice of risen people of Iran, terrified the regime’s agents and reminded them of the imminent downfall of the clerical regime.

One of the supporters of MEK/PMOI in Berlin said, “I am a rebellious youth. I tell this to all of my risen compatriots who are resisting in regime’s dungeons under torture, to those brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives, and those mothers who are now mourning their children.”

“I encourage them to continue this path, because they have the PMOI/MEK behind their back with over 120,000 martyrs and a leadership such as Massoud and Maryam Rajavi and the selfless freedom fighters at Ashraf 3, Albania,” he added.

“The Iranian regime tried for 40 years to dismantle this resistance movement. It massacred, tortured and demonized it. Now it sees how the PMOI/MEK resistance units and the rebellious youths bring it to its end.

I tell this regime: your end is near. The Iranian people will soon topple you,” he concluded. 

Since the beginning of the Iran protests, supporters of PMOI/MEK have held dozens of protests within the last 40 days. They have also organized exhibitions of the Iran protests’ martyrs’ photos and urged the International community to condemn the regime’s crime against humanity.

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