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Supporters of The MEK commemorate martyrs of Iran protests on Christmas Eve

Iran protests

Iran protests

Supporters of the MEK commemorate martyrs of Iran protests on Christmas Eve

In the early hours of Wednesday, December 25, Maryam Rajavi attended the Christmas Eve mass at the Central Catholic Cathedral of Tirana, Saint Paul Metropolitan Archdiocese.

The Christmas Eve mass began with the prayers of Rev. George Anthony Frendo, Archbishop of Tirana at midnight.
In remarks congratulating Christmas, the Archbishop welcomed Maryam Rajavi and said, “We pray for those in your country, who are oppressed, and enduring pain and suffering.”

In addition, the supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) commemorated martyrs of the Iran protests on Christmas Eve in different churches in various countries.

Supporters of the MEK honored the memory of martyrs of the Iran protests via holding their pictures and lighting candles at the Virgin Mary’s church in England. 

British citizens welcomed the Iranians at their church and prayed for the people of Iran to achieve freedom and democracy.

Germany, Berlin Cathedral

Supporters of the MEK in Berlin, paid tribute to the martyrs of the Iran protests via carrying their pictures and lighting candles at the Berlin Cathedral on the Christmas Eve.

Some of the participants at this event declared in an interview with the Iranian resistance TV channel, Simay-e Azadi, “We will resist against the Iranian regime and continue the path which martyrs chose to go. We won’t let their blood to be trampled.”

In addition, supporters of the MEK in Hamburg, Germany, commemorated martyrs of the Iran protests via participating at the Christmas Eve’s prayer ceremony. They also lit candles in the memory of martyrs and paid tribute to them via holding their pictures. The Central Cathedral of the Hague, Netherlands, hosted the supporters of the MEK on the Christmas Eve. They also paid tribute to martyrs of the Iran protests and vowed to continue to be their voices and echo the voice of the Iranian people. The MEK supporters lit candles and held pictures of the Iran protests’ martyrs.

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