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Mullahs Have Destroyed Iran’s Economy, State-Run Daily Warns

Economic collapse in Iran under rule of the mullahs' regime
Economic collapse in Iran under rule of the mullahs’ regime

In an article, the state-run Hamdeli newspaper admits that the mullahs have destroyed Iran’s economy.

Hamdeli: “Four decades after the [1979] revolution led by clerics, the economic divide and misery have reached a point…” “… that seeing women and children searching for food in trash piles has become a common scene.”

Hamdeli says that mullahs engaged in politics and economy but were supposed to “remain independent from the government”.

Hamdeli acknowledges that the mullahs have gravitated towards “luxurious lifestyles” and “political and government positions”.

And they have seized important jobs in “the industrial domain, oil, sports, recreation, and even the meat industry”.