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Monday’s Iran Events – July 23, 2018

Iran Events

IRAN: Mass Protests by Retirees in Front of Majlis; Chants of “Imprisoned Teachers Must Be Freed”

On Sunday, July 22, a large crowd of retired educators and other retirees who came from different cities to Tehran rallied in front of …

Prince Khalid: Iran backs global terror

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States Prince Khalid Bin Salman lambasted Iran’s support of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, and said that Riyadh was and will always be focused on countering terrorism.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Prince Khalid said Iran’s relationship with Al-Qaeda was nothing recent, but dated back to the 1990’s.

The ambassador pointed out that Tehran attempts to assassinate its opponents on European soil. He used a recent example of Assadollah Assadi, an Iranian diplomat suspected of involvement in a bomb plot against an Iranian opposition rally in France who is currently being detained and charged in Germany.

Head of Iran Auto Industry Workers Trade Union: National Car Production Is Devastated

To support and create jobs in old and somewhat fragile industries, it’s a common practice everywhere in the world to improve economic structures through such measures like imposing high tariffs on imports, so that crushing economic pressures are removed from workers and shifted to importers instead. In Iran under the rule of mullahs, however, there’s a totally different story.

“No matter how much the workers keep saying out loud that they have the capacity to produce fully domestic cars without needing to import any parts, the officials pretend they don’t see or hear anything, as they look at Iran as their working place while spending their lives abroad. That’s why they’re scattering mortal soil over the country’s production,” says head of Iran Auto Industry Workers Trade Union ‘Mojtaba Hajizadeh’, according to state-run ILNA news agency on July 19, 2018.

Iran Events

U.S. President responds to hollow threats by Iranian regime

On Sunday, Hassan Rouhani, the president of the Iranian regime, threatened U.S. during an address to the regime’s diplomats, stating that Americans “must understand that war with Iran is the mother of all wars.” He also directly warned U.S. President Donald Trump, saying “do not play with the lion’s tail, because you will regret it eternally.”

In response, Trump warned Rouhani’s to never threaten the United States again in an all-caps tweet, declaring “you will suffer consequences the likes of which few have ever suffered before.” Trump also reminded Rouhani that the U.S. will no longer “stand for your demented words of violence & death,” a reference to the policies of his predecessor Barack Obama, who was inclined to give concessions to the Iranian regime and disregard its nefarious activities.

Ongoing nationwide protests in Iran has made it harder for the regime to sell its foreign agendas at home. Protesters across Iran have been calling off the regime for squandering Iran’s wealth to wage war on the countries of the region, which has further plunged their lives in poverty. While the regime has tried to lay the blame for the country’s economic woes on the U.S., the people of Iran have made it clear that their only enemy is the regime itself by chanting slogans that call for regime change.

Iran Events

Magnitude 5.8 quake hits southeast Iran, fourth temblor in two days

Magnitude 5.9 quake injures nearly 290 in western Iran

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit western Iran on Sunday, injuring at least 287 people, hours after two quakes struck Hormozgan province in the south, the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported.

State media said the two earlier earthquakes, with magnitudes of 4.7 and 5.7, had damaged buildings in a few villages without causing casualties.

Trump Security Adviser Echoes Warning To Iran

​President Donald Trump’s national security adviser is echoing the combative warning to Iran against deploying any more threatening language toward the U.S.

Ambassador John Bolton says he has spoken with Trump over the last several days and, “President Trump told me that if Iran does anything at all to the negative, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid before.”

Iran Events

Pompeo strongly criticizes Iran’s slate of violations

Mike Pompeo condemns Iran regime violation of Human Rights, Terrorism and attempt to bomb an Iranian opposition convention in Paris

In his Remarks at supporting Iranian voices at Reagan Library in Los Angeles on Sunday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned the violation of human rights in Iran, clausal stealing by the Iranian authorities, exporting terrorism and an attempt to bomb an Iranian opposition gathering in France.

Pompeo said senior Iranian leaders had benefited from embezzlement, sweetheart deals and other ill-gotten gains. Iran’s ayatollahs, he said, were “hypocritical holy men” who “seem more concerned with riches than religion.”

Pompeo said the U.S. government broadcasting agency was launching a 24/7 Farsi-language channel on TV, radio, digital and social media platforms. The U.S. government also is taking steps to help Iranians get around internet censorship, he said.

Iran Events

Iran: Borazjan protests erupt again over water shortages

From early hours of Sunday morning, locals in the city of Borazjan (southern Iran), especially the youth, are seen protesting severe water shortages. Images and videos show protesters setting tires on fire and closing the Borazjan road leading to Bushehr, also in southern Iran. The protesters had practically closed the city entrance.

From Saturday evening people and brave youths in this city were seen demonstrating, protesting four days of no running water and the city’s corrupt officials and repressive forces remaining completely careless of the locals’ catastrophic conditions.

Iran Events



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