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Wednesday’s Iran Events – July 25, 2018

Iran Events

July 24 – Esfahan, central Iran The 2nd day of truckers’ nationwide strike and heavy vehicles drivers all of the trucks are empty, thank you of all truckers.

Sen. Graham: “We’re going to bring this regime down by helping the Iranian people”

The United States will be supporting the Iranian people to bring the mullahs’ regime down, says Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a former presidential candidate.

“I’m going to introduce a resolution soon siding with the Iranian people against the regime and let’s see how Congress votes and how will that work. I’ll have a resolution saying that we stand with the Iranian people for their right to self-determination, condemning the regime for holding American sailors hostage on the high seas, for disrupting the Mideast for murdering innocent Iranians who just want to be able to determine their own future. We are going to have an indictment against the Ayatollah and his henchmen. This is the worst regime in the world in terms of threats,” he added.

The Senator also debunked the “moderate” hoax in Iran.

Iran Events

Infographic: Iran Regime’s Decades of Terrorism in Europe

The Iranian regime has carried many terrorist activities in Europe and across the world since the clerical regime was established in 1979.

This infographic illustrates some of the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities that has been carried out in Euroup.

Iran Events

Iranian regime sends official letter of complaint over PMOI/MEK

The Iranian regime’s ambassador to the United Nations has sent an official complaint letter to the United Nations Security Council for holding the recent Iranian opposition convention in Paris and the participation of senior American dignitaries in this event.

Gholamali Khoshroo denounced the presence of a number of American political figures and government officials, including US President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, according to IRNA, the Iranian regime’s official news agency.

Iran Events

Iran-aligned armed Houthis target Saudi warship off Yemen coast

The Iran-aligned armed Houthi movement targeted a Saudi Arabian warship off the western coast of Yemen, the group’s Al Masirah TV said on Wednesday.

“The naval force targets the Saudi Dammam ship,” the broadcaster wrote on its Twitter feed.

There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties, or comment from the Saudi-led coalition that is battling the Houthis in Yemen’s civil war.

German Intelligence Accuses Iranian Embassy of Spying on Opponents

A report by Germany’s domestic intelligence service (BfV) revealed that Tehran is using the Iranian embassy in Berlin to spy on the Iranian opposition, and that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its arm for foreign operations, the Quds Force, were also active in the country.

This annual report, which was revealed by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, came a few weeks after Berlin arrested an Iranian diplomat working for the Austrian embassy and charged him with terrorism and giving instructions to Iranians in Belgium to carry out terrorist attacks against an opposition group in the European country.

Iranian diplomat Abdullah Asadi was arrested while in Bavaria, Germany, with a European arrest warrant. His trial in Germany began while Belgium was also demanding his extradition for trial on its territory.

German intelligence has revealed that Tehran was trying to influence Shiites of various nationalities living in Germany, through a number of centers and institutions it runs in the country. The report mentioned the Islamic Center in Hamburg, which follows the Imam Ali mosque in the same city.

Iran Events


Iran: 2nd day of truckers’ nationwide strike

Truck drivers continued their nationwide strike for the second consecutive day on Tuesday in cities across the country. Images and videos of this protest from the cities of Qazvin, Zahedan, Chalus, Farrokhshahr, Isfahan, and Yazd have been posted on the internet.

In Mashhad, truck drivers neglected any deceptive promises provided by regime officials and authorities. Officials were seen selling low-cost tires at the city loading terminal center and resorting to a variety of propaganda measures aimed at discouraging drivers into ending their strike.

Truck drivers in Isfahan were seen protesting those drivers breaking their ranks, demanding they continue their strike.

Iran Events


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