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Nowruz celebration in Albania, Albanian MPs attended it

irana, Albania, March 20, 2019 – The Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) celebrated Nowruz, the Iranian calendar new year (the year 1398), along with their supporters and many distinguished guests.

Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi celebrating the New Year - March 20, 2019

Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) welcomed the new year ”
Nowruz “and delivered a speech analyzing the past 12 months and providing a perspective for the year ahead.

Mrs. Rajavi iterated the problems that different segments of the Iranian population are facing, including teachers, workers, farmers and more.

“In the final moments before the turn of the year, we are standing with Iran’s workers whose table spreads are empty. We are standing beside the farmers whose farms are dry and dehydrated. We are standing with the honorable teachers of Iran who are discriminated against and humiliated, who have been doomed to live under the poverty line, and who are imprisoned for their legitimate protests. We are in the same front with millions of jobless youths and university graduates whose numbers grow every year,” she explained.

Former Albanian prime minister Pandeli Majko who attended Nowruz celebration expressed his wishes for a free Iran in the new year. Referring to the expulsion of the Iranian regime diplomat terrorists (Tehran’s ambassador and his deputy) from Albania, Majko emphasized that the real embassy of Iran is in Ashraf III, being the PMOI/MEK residence.

“Everything that is coming is new and hope. Albania and Albanians have one of the best embassies for Iran. It is Ashraf. We are proud to have friends like you and Madame Rajavi. No doubt, she will lead the future of Iran. Happy New Year! Happy Nowruz ” he said.

Edmond Spaho, deputy director of the Albanian Democratic Party, attended at Nowruz celebration and voiced his support for the Iranian Resistance and the ongoing struggle for a free Iran.

“With your efforts and the struggles of the Iranian people, next year, God willing, we’ll celebrate “Nowruz” New Year in Iran. The future belongs to the people of Iran. Without a doubt, Iran will be free and produce prosperity for its people and stability in the region,” he said.

“Despite the fact that my party is currently the opposition, we are unified to support you and we even support the actions of the government to expel Tehran’s diplomats who were involved in terrorist activities,” Spaho added.