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MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3-Arab dignitaries support “Free Iran”

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3-Arab dignitaries in Ashraf 3

Following the annual MEK rally in Albania,A series of conferences was held in Ashraf 3 in Tirana, Albania. One of these conferences was “Free Iran” conference of Arab dignitaries in Ashraf 3.

Many Arabic dignitaries participated at MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3 including Mr.Anwar Malek which said:

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

The MEK members are the legitimate representatives of the Iranian people. This movement has stood up to the corrupt mullahs’ regime. This resistance is a legitimate alternative to the regime that can establish freedom in Iran.

We express our solidarity with the resistance that is led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, who has sacrificed so much in this struggle against the mullahs’ regime.

In 1988, many political prisoners were victimized by the regime without committing any crimes.

Saleh al-Ghalab, former Jordanian Minister of culture was another Arab dignitaries MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3: 

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3
Saleh al-Ghalab, former Jordanian Minister of culture

Now I salute the people of Iran. We all know that the Iranian people stand against this devil in power in Iran. 

I regret that in our great Arab country, there was no place for Ashraf 3. I salute Albania, the Albanian people and the Albanian culture for having hosted the MEK.  

Now in the Persian or Arabian Gulf, we are all involved, as the same people and the same civilization, there is a big difference and problem. If the MEK was in power in Iran, there would have been no such differences. We should have shared their struggle, not only with words, but with all our might he said MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3. 

With what is going on in the Strait of Hormuz, we do not want war because we do not want the Iranian people and the region to endure the damage. We should have created gathering points around Iran for forces fighting against the mullahs’ regime. Now the MEK is thousands of Kms farther from their borders, we should have hosted them. The mullahs who are fighting Iran and the people of Iran.

Who is going to free Iran from those mullahs? It is not the Americans, it is the Iranian Resistance, and the MEK, led by Mme Rajavi. There are forces inside the country fighting the regime. They are in all regions of Iran, Khuzestan, Kurdistan, Baluchistan. And the main force is the MEK.

I see in front of me heros of the Algerian revolution, like Sid Ahmed Ghozali, the most important thing in the Algerian revolution is that there was not all this differences that is present in the Palestinian revolution. But the most important thing about Iranian situation now is to gather around the MEK.

The first thing that is to be done in Iran, this is an evil revolution, it is not a revolution, it is a coup d’etat. It is not even Islamic. It came to cut the way of the Iranian democratic revolution. All Arab countries are touched by the mullahs. One of them said our real borders are in Africa. There is no country safe from their interference. But by God, we shall be in Tehran very soon, so see each other in Tehran he added MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3. 

Former Joranian MP, Dr. Mohammad al-Haj at MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3
Former Joranian MP, Dr. Mohammad al-Haj  at a conference in Ashraf 3 – July 14, 2019 – Tirana, Albania

Mohammad al-Haj:I come from Amman, close to the holy Qods, capitale to Palestine, I came here today to congratulate you on this achievement in Ashraf3. You merit to rule Iran under the leadership of the President-elect Maryam Rajavi. I talked to you when you were suffering in Ashraf, under what the Iranian regime brought on you through its mercenaries, we lived with your suffering, under hundreds of loudspeakers and all the attacks. We are happy that you were relieved from all that, and I regret that no Arab country hosted you and you are here in Albania.

You have created a miracle. You can reconstruct the Iran ruined by the mullahs’ regime. Mrs. Rajavi’s plan is one of reconstruction of Iran. To give the life that the great Iranian people merit to live. This people suffering executions, torture, with 120000 youth executed by the mullahs. This regime’s misdeeds are not limited to the Iranian people, but the whole region suffers under them, in Syria, in Yemen, and all other countries. Who is the main beneficiary in the country? 

Iran’s richness, and money, is spent to foment turmoil in the region, while the Iranian people suffer under this regime. But now uprisings are covering the country, and we have to support them. That is why I say from here, in Ashraf, we are with them and support them. 

Dr. Mohammad a-Zoebi- MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

Dr. Mohammad a-Zoebi from Jordan: We came to Ashraf3, to express our solidarity and support for the Iranian Resistance. Excellent conferences, from the beginning , we were witness to sacrifices by the Resistance, and what we saw in the construction of Ashraf3, was their resolve to build everything. Ashraf, meaning the most dignitive. Ashraf1 was built on Iraqi soil. Iran was at that time instigating its neighbors everywhere. Now they are doing the same thing. We have to support the MEK. The Resistance should succeed. We have to support Mrs. Rajavi’s efforts for peace in the region. 

Dr. Mohammad al-Ayassera-MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3
Jordanian Dr. Mohammad al-Yasra at a conference in Ashraf 3 – July 14, 2019 – Tirana, Albania

Dr. Mohammad al-Ayassera, from Jordan:    We have to thank God to be on this blessed land of Ashraf3, with the resolve, and the hope, that it was built. In the face of a regime that has nothing but repression for its own people, and turmoil and interference for its neighbors. So we stand with you, and we hope the best for all Iranians. 

Mme Najah al-Azzah-MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

Mme Najah al-Azzah from Jordan: I salute you in the name of Islam, Peace be upon you. My sisters of MEK, my brothers of MEK, ladies and gentlemen. We have to admire this project realized here by the Iron lady, my sister Maryam Rajavi. Two drops of tear, one of sorrow for what you endured under repression, and one of  pride for what you created here in your struggle. We take off our hats for you. My message to you is that when you succeed in your project, do not forget your sisters all over the world, your sisters in Palestine, and elsewhere.

Dr. Wafi Haddad-MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

Dr. Wafi Haddad, from Jordan: Before I begin my speech, I allow myself to ask my brothers who organized this meeting, under the title, that merits to be Arabic, Islamic and Christian solidarity with Ashraf.

I salute Mme Rajavi, the woman with a thousand men, who took on her shoulder the load that the mountains refused to undertake, praised be her efforts. During two days we were witness of what happened to this people.

We came from all corners of the world, Muslims and Christians, against terrorism and for the great Iranian people. And my country Jordan was among the first countries suffering under terrorism in all its forms. We consider that MEK, with its sacrifices along history, is the best suited to undertake responsibility to lead a great state for the Iranian people. And finally I thank Albania and its people, and hope to see you next time in the blessed country which is Iran.

Sid Ahmed Ghozali -MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

Sid Ahmed Ghozali: I just interfere as chairman of Islamic and Arabian committee which was formed in 2006 in support of MEK members in Ashraf and Liberty. After those people were saved, we changed the committee’s name. But in fact it should be the committee of Muslims and Christians and others, so let’s take the Arabian part!

Madame……: What could be said in three minutes? This regime that has and continues to violate Human rights, and to ruin the country’s economy. And then the export of terrorism to all countries,our country, Syria, Yemen. This is what they call reaching their borders even to Africa.

I salute the role of the Iranian women, for their 40 year struggle. When I heard about Ashraf in Iraq, I even travelled to Iraq to meet them, but I was not able. When I heard some of the women there needed medical support, I volunteered to host them at my home, but they did not let me do that. As is said, the worst injustice is one done against your own citizens. 

Dr. Issa al-Khashashenah -MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

Dr. Issa al-Khashashenah: From Ashraf3, I just came here to say Zendebad Maryam Rajavi, Hazer, hazer , hazer. We are here to tell the mullahs that a country and a nation should not be ruled according to one’s personal interpretations. The Iranian regime’s project for the region is to back terrorism and warmongering. I hope success for you in Ashraf3 and hope to meet again in Tehran. 

Tahar Boumedra-MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

Tahar Boumedra: Brothers and sisters. I just want to transfer a few experiences and seek with you all ways out of them. The American strategy was always keeping an Iraq beside the American authority in Iraq. And when the Americans left Iraq, the tandem changed to an Iraqi and a member of the Pasdaran Army IRGC. The same thing happened in Syria, and the same thing happened in Yemen , with the Houthis. Elsewhere also the same thing can be seen.

The way out is to move the struggle from the region into Iran. How can we help the MEK liberate Iran? This is the only meaningful strategy. I talked to a number of authorities, who say this is too complicated to enter

this war. But it is the only to move the struggle into Iran, between MEK and the Iranian people and the mullahs’ regime. Otherwise all support for the MEK remains symbolic. 

Haisam al-Maleh

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

Haisam al-Maleh:  My brothers who spoke before me didn’t leave much to be said. God the Almighty said that we created you from a man and a woman and then we created differences between you, to be able to live and work together. And we don’t judge people by their religion or their beliefs, and leave this to God.

But the regime in power in Iran, when Khomeini came to power, some people thought he came to save the people, but he had not this in mind, but to create a system based on the Jurisprudence of the religious leader. And then all those who are ruining the region are backed by this regime. Who benefits from all this ruin? Especially ruin of Iraq? For as long as this regime exists, the whole region would suffer.

Until our brothers in the Iranian Resistance frees Iran from this regime, the Resistance led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. I spent the best years of my life in prisons. Now near a million people were lost in Syria, more than a million and half handicapped. 4 million houses were destroyed.

We have seven million people in Syria outside their own homes. People who spend the night under the open sky. I told myself I am Ashrafi. Because Ashraf stands for freedom, and if I am with Ashraf that means I am with liberty, so long live the leadership of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. 

Khadija Ziani, Maroccan MP

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3

Khadija Ziani, Maroccan MP: Salutes from Morocco, country of peace. When we say Arabic solidarity this is a topic meriting a lot of talk, how can one do it in a few minutes? We talk about problems in the Gulf region, all these difficulties other speakers noted here. The secret for success is perseverance, and that is how the MEK has continued to resist and stay present. I wish you success, and our hearts stay with you. I wish all the success for Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. 

Tunisian MP At the Islamic-Arabic conference in Ashraf 3

MEK/PMOI conference in Ashraf 3
Tunisian MP  at a conference in Ashraf 3 – July 14, 2019 – Tirana, Albania

All peoples of the region are suffering. Many people have been exiled from their countries. Mrs. Rajavi is realizing the role of women for the future of Iran… We are calling for peace, freedom and in order to defend human dignity and create bridges peaceful coexistence, we believe in the right of human beings, said Tunisian MP

Ms. Nazzari from Jordan

MEK/PMOI conference  Ashraf 3
Ms. Nazzari from Jordan at a conference in Ashraf 3 – July 14, 2019 – Tirana, Albania

The Iranian regime has extended its crisis to all countries. The mullahs suppress minorities and women. Millions of people are unemployed in Iran under the mullahs’ regime, and suffering in poverty and hunger. All terror attacks in the Middle East are the acts of this regime.

I would like to admire the role of Iranian women who have been under the suppression of this misogynist regime for 40 years. I am very happy that I can see the Ashrafis in person in Ashraf 3. I call on all countries to support Madam Rajavi so that peace and security will be established in Iran.