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Press Conference in Italian Parliament – Support for Iranian Protests

On Wednesday, December 4, representatives of the Italian Parliament and human rights defenders in Italy held a press conference at the Press Hall of the Italian Parliament.

By Staff

Given the widespread uprising of the Iranian people against the mullahs’ regime, conference attendees welcomed the cancellation of a planned visit by the mullahs’ foreign minister to Italy, who is involved in spilling the blood of Iranian youth.

Press Conference in Italian Parliament – Support for Iranian Protests

Participants in the conference were Elisabetta Zamparutti and Sergio Delia from Don’t touch Cain’s association, former Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi, Senator Lucio Malan, Senator Manuel Vescuoi, Representative Renata Polverini, Representative Stefania Pecdecano and Representative Federico Mollicone.

Press Conference in Italian Parliament - Support for Iranian Protests
Elisabetta Zamparutti

Ms. Zamparoti started the meeting by deliberating on the cancellation of Zarif’s trip, and then spoke about the latest uprising in Iran, saying that the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) announced today that the death toll was more than 1,000 and here I have the names of 255 people that the Iranian resistance has announced their names. Ms. Zamparutti provided the audience with details of the murders of minors by the regime’s repressive forces and the massacre of Mahshahr.

Press Conference in Italian Parliament - Support for Iranian Protests
Former Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi

Former Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said Zarif canceled his trip for fear that his photographs would not be taken and to avoid being attacked for his human rights abuses and murdering. Terzi spoke in detail about the uprising and compared it with the uprising of the previous year, referring to the massacre of political prisoners in 1988 and argued that today, the same people who committed those crimes are still in power and want to repeat the same scenes, urging the international community and the Italian government not to allow this to happen.

Press Conference in Italian Parliament - Support for Iranian Protests

Mr. Federico Mollicone has criticized the Italian parliament for not taking a strong position in this regard.

Press Conference in Italian Parliament - Support for Iranian Protests
Ms. stefania pezzopane

Ms. stefania pezzopane, of the ruling coalition, spoke of her experience with the resistance and said that it should not be silenced and something should be done for the Iranian people. 

Press Conference in Italian Parliament - Support for Iranian Protests
Senator Lucio Malan

Senator Lucio Malan criticized the Italian government and foreign ministry for being silent about Iran’s regime crimes, He said that unlike some countries, it is unclear why the Italian government does not take a more decisive position against the Iranian regime, adding that we should be with the Iranian people in these circumstances.

Representative Renata Polverini

Ms. polverini, a former parliamentarian and former governor of Rome, said that my acquaintance with the Iranian resistance and the friends in the hall goes back to the years when I was governor and we were supposed to accept some of Ashraf’s injured, and then we did a great job. I will never forget those days in my life and whenever I want to talk about what I did, this is the first thing I mention.

She said this conference  not enough we should do more in parliament and elsewhere and continue to support the Iranian people and Iranian resistance.

Senator Manuel Vescovi

Senator Manuel Vescovi criticized the Italian Foreign Minister and the Italian government for being silent and said we should support Iranian resistance.

Mr. Ismail Mohaddess, spokesman for Iranian communities, stressed the need for international support for the uprising and resistance.

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