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The Italian Committee of Parliamentarians for a Free Iran Strongly Condemn the Execution of Three Protesters in Iran

The Italian Committee of Parliamentarians for a Free Iran Strongly Condemn the Execution of Three Protesters in Iran

The Italian Committee of Parliamentarians for a Free Iran recently issued a statement condemning the latest series of executions in Iran, specifically aimed at political prisoners. The parliamentarians stressed the urgent need for international focus and intervention.

According to the statement, the Iranian regime is employing a campaign of terror through executions in an effort to suppress the ongoing popular uprising that began in September. The statement reveals that within the past four weeks alone, there have been no less than 112 documented executions. These alarming numbers underscore the gravity of the situation and demand immediate action from the global community.

One case highlighted in the statement is the execution of three young protesters in Isfahan on May 19. The victims, Saleh Mirhashmi (36 years old), Majid Kazemi (30 years old), and Saeed Yaqoubi (37 years old), were specifically targeted due to their involvement in the protests that occurred in November. This tragic event is described as just one of numerous crimes committed by Khamenei’s regime in order to maintain its hold on power.

The statement further elaborates on the repressive tactics employed by the Iranian regime. The judicial system, which relies on an arbitrary interpretation of religion as a means of absolute authority, has charged these individuals with “Moharebeh,” an offense that only exists within a totalitarian framework. The statement emphasizes that the regime systematically subjects political prisoners to physical and mental torture, a deeply disturbing practice that continues despite domestic and international protests. The victims in this case reportedly endured months of torment before being hanged.

Given these grave human rights violations, the Italian Committee of Parliamentarians for a Free Iran, in alignment with Maryam Rajavi‘s appeal, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), urges the Italian government, the United Nations, the European Union, and its member states to take decisive action. The statement calls for a strong condemnation of these executions and the implementation of effective measures to exert pressure on the Iranian regime.

The statement emphasizes that the ongoing spiral of repression perpetrated by the Iranian regime constitutes crimes against humanity, violating established norms of international law. It underscores the shared responsibility of the international community to address these atrocities and safeguard the fundamental human rights of the Iranian people.

In conclusion, the statement by the Italian Committee of Parliamentarians for a Free Iran raises serious concerns regarding the escalating wave of executions in Iran, particularly targeting political prisoners. It urges immediate international attention and intervention to prevent further human rights abuses. The urgency of the situation necessitates a united front from the global community to condemn these executions, support the Iranian people’s demands for freedom and respect for their fundamental rights, and strive towards a more just and compassionate society in Iran.