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Speech by Dowlat Nowruzi, NCRI Rep. in UK at the Conference in The Netherlands

In a speech delivered at a conference in The Hague, the Netherlands,  Dowlat Nowruzi, the UK Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), conveyed the message of the Iranian people to the global community, urging an end to appeasement.
Dowlat Nowruzi at the The Netherlands Conference

In a speech delivered at a conference in The Hague, the Netherlands,  Dowlat Nowruzi, the UK Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), conveyed the message of the Iranian people to the global community, urging an end to appeasement. She called upon world leaders to refrain from seeking so-called moderates within the regime, emphasizing the severe consequences of overlooking the atrocities committed by the Iranian government.

Ms. Nowruzi expressed confidence that, through the collective efforts of the international community, the support of dignitaries backing the movement, and the steadfastness of the Resistance Units, the Iranian people’s aspirations for freedom and democracy would soon materialize.

The NCRI Representative implored world leaders to halt the use of concessions as a diplomatic tool with the Iranian regime. She declared that leveraging the resistance’s struggle for diplomatic engagement with the regime is unacceptable and must be immediately ceased.

The full text of Ms. Dowlat Nowruzi’s statements follows:

Dowlat Nowruzi, NCRI Rep. in UK: Reactivate Six UN Security Council Resolutions against Iran’s Regime

First of all, I must say that for me it’s an honor to speak to you while we have Madam Rajavi visiting us today and being with us in this meeting. I’m very proud of many of you, and particularly dignitaries, and members of parliament from all different political parties. I’m very grateful for their steadfast support for the Iranian resistance movement.

I know some have signed the majority statement, both by the majority of the House of Commons – I’m sorry, the parliament, the first chamber, and the second chamber. They joined with the majority of other members of parliament signing those statements in support of the Iranian resistance, particularly the ten-point plan of Madam Rajavi for a democratic republic in future Iran with separation of religion from the state.

So all of our gratitude and admiration for the members. Now, if I may say, as you all have witnessed the trends of events in Iran, we are in a new era. I think the world community has also recognized and come to the understanding that the vast majority of all Iranians want the downfall of the regime.

It’s a new era in which there is no return to back. They clearly say no to dictatorship, any form of it, whether it is Shah’s dictatorship or the Mullahs’. The Iranian people, particularly women and our youth, are heading forward for a democratic republic, and they want the true beliefs of people, whether whatever of their religion or belief, to be able to be expressed in a society based on free election. And hopefully, they want the Ten-Point Plan of Madam Rajavi to be implemented very soon in Iran. So that is our major goal and demand.

Now, the world has come to see the deep anger and hatred of all Iranian people from the totality of the regime. So any notion about so-called reformists or some sort of moderate within the regime is absolutely a mirage. It doesn’t exist. There is a dispute amongst them, but it is over the share of power and the share of money. It is not for any fundamental change within the regime.

That is why the Iranian people have tried to convey their message loudly to the world community. Stop appeasement. Stop in the name of whatever of so-called support of the moderate, to ignore, to ignore the massacre of our youth, to ignore the severe crackdown of our women, to ignore the misogynist policy of a back-forwarded, fanatic regime that under the cover and pretext of religion is imposing the worst, harshest cruelty against our people. And the world leaders ignore it because they have to pay a price to stand firm.

But in Century 21, that is needed. We need courageous leaders, responsible, and dedicated to the rule of law, who are dedicated to the principles of humanity, justice, Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We need them to act, not to stay just as an observer, not to just continue their hollow words. This is good, but not enough.

The Iranian people and our youth demand much more for change. The world community has seen a wave of protest in Iran. Everybody knows the state of affairs in Iran is explosive and is waiting for another sparkle.

The resistance units, and widespread efforts throughout the country, have proven that there is a fire beneath the ashes. And it will happen soon. With our efforts and your joint efforts and all of the dignitaries that support the movement, we will be behind them to come to the real dream of the Iranian people and the Iranian nation for freedom and democracy soon.
Now I must repeat that the regime, because of its record of atrocities committed against the Iranian people, over 120,000 executions, political executions, including the massacre of 30,000, and Raisi, as the so-called Mullah’s president, with only sixth-grade education, was supposed to be a persecuted general who sent into gallows 30,000 of our youngsters, the vast majority of them university graduates. And everyone knows just because they supported the Mojahedin movement. And that was recognized by Amnesty International as a crime committed against humanity.

Now that man is being invited into this forum in Geneva over the issue of the refugees by a forum of the United Nations. That cannot be accepted. That must be strongly condemned. And that sort of an invitation must be canceled. The regime must be held accountable for all the crimes they committed. They need to arrest him. And in our view, they need to persecute this man as a criminal who committed a crime against humanity.

The world has seen the other side of the coin. The other side of the Mullah regime’s true face is to preserve its faltering system to save power, which is to export terrorism, fundamentalism, and especially warmongering. The main pillar of repression in Iran, which is the Revolutionary Guard Corps, is the main responsibility. By plundering the Iranian people’s national wealth, especially the oil revenue, gas revenue, they finance it by organizing terror proxies, and proxy groups, whether with Houthis in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq, other terrorist groups and proxy forces, whether in Gaza, in Palestine, and Iraq, and other parts in Lebanon, and other parts of the region. That must be strongly dealt with decisiveness.

The world community must not be silent. The world community must not ignore it. They have to immediately intervene to impose comprehensive sanctions against this regime to prevent them from using Iranian people’s assets to finance terrorism all around the world, to blackmail world leaders to demand their unjust political interests and political demands, particularly against the opposition, against the Mojahedin, or the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

The world community leaders must stop using that kind of pain from the pocket of the resistance to dance with the mullah. That is a no-no. Stop. Stop appeasement and impose, and as Madam Rajavi stated, we need the world community responsible and to reactivate the six UN Security Council resolutions to impose comprehensive sanctions on this regime. We need the world community to blacklist IRGC as the main pillar of not only making atrocities against the Iranian people but also experts of terrorism and war in the region.

They are responsible not only for the mass murder of Iranians but for the mass murder of the Middle East, whether in Palestine, Gaza, Iraq, in Lebanon. We have seen it, and for God’s sake, enough is enough. When this regime realized that by the continuation of atrocities, arbitrary arrests, torture, and widespread executions, they could not have stopped the voices of freedom. They could not have stopped the opposition movement from moving forward in their whole struggle for freedom and democracy.

After 120,000 political executions, the mullahs resorted to what they called a misinformation campaign or demonization campaign against the major opposition. They have spread through various lobbies. They have even hired them and put some of them in key positions, sensitive positions, within the United States administration as well as in other European countries.

They need to be alarmed that these lobbies are in favor of the mullahs, not saying the reality of what is happening in Iran or even in the Middle East.

One of their efforts has been a sort of a masquerade, they call it a court, against 104 officials of the Mojahedin movement, the main people who sacrificed all they have for decades and decades to bring democracy and freedom back to the Iranian people. Now the court and the masquerade are claiming that they are producing files of allegations against the leaders of the opposition.

That must be condemned. The World Committee must realize many judges within the mullah so-called judiciary, first of all, the whole institution, is absolutely under the protection and jurisdiction of Khamenei, the mullahs’ supreme leader. It has no independence whatsoever. It also has no credibility whatsoever because most of the judges even haven’t gone to high school, let alone talking about them as so-called prosecutor generals. They’ve never gone to any law school.

And the whole institution is outlawed and must be rejected from any credibility by the world leaders. So, anything coming out from such so-called courts is illegal unacceptable, and illegitimate. So as the leader of the Iranian resistance, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, mentioned, if this regime wants a court, fine. Let us invite you to an international court with millions of Iranian victims of atrocities. And in an international court, you have to face justice. And it’s for the world leaders who are on the side of justice and who are on the side of evil.

And definitely, everyone within the mullahs and the dark, that bring dark ages into our new era. Now I have to say, as Madam Rajavi mentioned, we are very strongly for not only blacklisting the IRGC but also we are demanding the world community recognize the legitimate right of Iranian people to bring about a change. It is their right to get rid of this regime and to hold democracy accountable. So, we appreciate words of support from politicians and the international community, especially from Madam Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan, which we and the Iranian people recognize as a beacon of hope.

Thank you so much for supporting us.

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Speech by Dowlat Nowruzi, NCRI Rep. in UK at the Conference in The Netherlands