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Stop mullahs’ terror squads

Stop mullahs’ terror squads The known traits of the Iranian regime are the crime, massacre, and terrorism. The physical elimination of dissidents began as soon as Khomeini seized power in Iran. Terrorism has always been a

Mullahs’ spy nests; shut them down

The exposure of Iran-related terrorist networks in Europe has been extremely alarming. It seems that the European governments are now aware of the mullahs’ terrorist threats. The time to turn a blind eye on the destructive role of the…

Godfather of Terrorism, this time in Denmark!

Godfather of Terrorism, this time in Denmark! Indeed, the failure of another terrorist plot planned by Khamenei's dictatorship (the godfather of terrorism) in European soil, not only does not surprise any observer but also proves that…

Iran MOIS & new wave of terrorism

Since the 1980s, the Iran MOIS has violently suppressed Iran regime’s opponents both at home and abroad. As the regime’s officials have conceded, if the regime fails to inflame wars outside Iran’s borders, it would have to fight for…