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The 1988 Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran: Eyewitness Accounts, Hassan Ashrafian

Former political prisoner, Hassan Ashrafian
Former political prisoner, Hassan Ashrafian

I am Hassan Ashrafian, who became familiar with the MEK after the anti-monarchical revolution in 1978, and I started my activities with the MEK in Abadan in 1979.

In 1981, I went to Tehran and took part in the demonstration of June 20, 1981, where I witnessed how the regime suppressed the peaceful demonstrations of the MEK and the people.

After that, we saw that the regime started mass arrests and executions in prisons. I was arrested in January 1983 in Tehran, and on the same night that I was arrested, they created scenes of mock execution for me.

The next morning, I was transferred to Evin Prison, where I was tortured and severely flogged with an electric cable. This torture lasted for several days and every time for several hours.

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