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MEK supporters in Oslo expose Iran’s regime crimes against women

MEK supporters in Oslo, Norway, held a rally demanding support for the justice movement for the victims of the 1988 massacre by organizing a bookstand and exhibition.

MEK supporters in Oslo also described the history of the massacre of political prisoners by the regime and crimes against freedom-seekers, and urged Norwegian citizens and officials to support a justice movement campaign to hold the perpetrators of this crime against humanity accountable.

MEK supporters in Oslo
MEK supporters Bookstand in Oslo

The bookstand and exhibition by MEK supporters in Oslo was warmly welcomed by Norwegian citizen. They considered this massacre a crime against humanity and, in addition to their support for the justice movement campaign and Iranian Resistance, encouraged MEK/PMOI supporters in Nto continue their activities, stressing that freedom needs a heavy price.

While supporting the Iranian people’s liberation struggle against the mullahs’ regime ,Norwegian citizens emphasized that in World War II, when Hitler occupied their country, they had no choice but to fight and this way, they managed to liberate their country. They paid the price for the freedom of their country, and along the way, thousands sacrificed their lives.

MEK supporters in Oslo
MEK/PMOI supporters in Oslo

Background of massacre of Iranian political prisoner in the summer of 1988

In the summer of 1988, Ruhollah Khomeini, then-supreme leader of the Iranian regime, issued a Fatwa to massacre thousands of political prisoners, most of them members and supporters of MEK. The victims of the massacre were buried secretly in mass graves in unknown locations.

In addition to the MEK, members of other Iranian dissident groups were also executed during the 1988 massacre.

It’s worth reminding that most of these prisoners had previously been trialed and sentenced. Some of them had even finished their sentence, but were kept in jail and were sent to the gallows of the firing squad during the 1988 massacre.

MEK supporters in Oslo also disclosed the regime’s crimes against Iranian women and girls. Norwegians citizens were shocked to hear about the Iranian regime’s crimes against women, including their suppression under the pretext of Islamic veil. Meanwhile, they praised the courage and struggle of Iranian women to achieve their rights and freedom.