Uniting for Freedom, Democracy & Equality

Conference in EP with presence of Maryam Rajavi – Ingrid Betancourt

Several Members of the European Parliament, joined by other dignitaries from across the Green Continent, attended a conference in the EP headquarters in Strasbourg, calling for a strong European approach vis-a-vis the Iranian regime’s human rights violations and warmongering. This session, organized by the European Parliament Friends of a Free Iran Intergroup and held on Wednesday, October 23, also called for accountability of Iranian regime officials in regard to the 1988 massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners in Iran. Most of these victims were members and supporters of the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). “You are representing the voice of the European people, but you are also the voice of 30,000 victims of the 1988 massacre, whom you’re bringing back to life. I talked to the survivors of the massacre, and the families of the victims. As victims, we want to forget, but we can not have it at the price of avoiding justice. We need justice to make sure what happened to us will not be repeated. What happened in 1988 is the scene today in Iran. The president of Iran, Rouhani, was part of the decisions that resulted in this massacre. The justice minister of Iran was one of the people responsible for making decisions to kill the victims. It was a genocide, an industry of killing. Why is it important for us today to revisit what happened in 1988? Two years ago, after a very enormous effort to bring the people of MEK to a safe place–they were living in Iraq, in dangerous situations, and the government of Albania accepted them. Two people posing as journalists came to Albania with the aim to target the MEk members in a terror attack. No one knew what happened. The Albanian government released the details last week. In 2018, we were in a big conference in Paris to support the Iranian Resistance and express our opposition to the lack of justice and the corruption of the Iranian regime. The Iranian regime wanted to kill us all. On that day, two people were arrested with a bomb they wanted to install in the premises we had gathered to kill all of us. An Iranian diplomat was detained by German authorities because he was the head of this terror plot. He was an Iranian official, part of the government of Iran, on orders to kill us. This is why we can not submit to the lies and the blackmail of the Iranian regime. It affects all of us. This year, a French citizen went to see her family in Iran. She never came back. She was arrested and imprisoned on charges of espionage. The same has happened to a Birtish woman. Iran has used these people as hostages, illegal hostages, abducted by the regime to have leverage to force our governments to comply with their demands. It is time to say that we want them out. We do not want any more of this complacency with this regime. We need people we can confide in, who represent our values, freedom and equality. Without equality for women in Iran, there is no freedom for anyone. We must use our voice to have their plea heard across the world.” #FreeIran#MEK#PMOI#Iran