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Lord Ken Maginnis Addresses Online Event on Iran Regime’s Terrorist Threats

Lord Ken Maginnis of Drumglass, Member of the House of Lords, addressed an online event on October 15, 2020, on the Iranian regime’s terrorism and how it undermines global security.

The event, hosted by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). Members of Parliament of the U.K. and Irish politicians joined the online conference. Also, many Iranians supporters of the MEK and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)from various countries participated in the event. They focused on the fact that the Iran’s regime is a critical threat to global security, which is especially true considering the mullahs’ terror plots in Europe.

The event came in the wake of new threats by the regime’s incarcerated diplomat-terrorist Assadollah Assadi. Assadi, who arrested following the regime’s foiled bomb plot against the NCRI’s “Free Iran” gathering in 2018 in Paris, threatened Belgian authorities with attacks by the mullahs’ proxy groups if he is found guilty.

The foiled bomb plot in 2018 and Assadi’s threats once again underline the need for European countries to take firm action against the mullahs’ regime.

Lord Ken Magginis in the Iranian opposition NCRI online conference—October 15, 2020

Thank you, Struan. It’s always good to be sitting albeit looking at a TV screen, but able to associate with those who fight for the freedom of Iran. None more so than my dear, dear friend, Mrs. Rajavi. It’s so good to see are still working to free fellow citizens in Iran. I do apologize for appearing slightly late. This product of 1930th is not terribly good at managing zoom. So, I took a little while getting connected. But again, it’s a privilege to be with you all, and with those who have spoken here today. 

My big problem since the team of Camp Ashraf, when one had up practical problem to deal with, and we were able, together, to make some progress in that respect. And of course, we are grateful to the Albanians who have hosted those who previously were bombarded within Camp Ashraf, but it’s difficult, not the least with, I’m sorry to say it, but with my own foreign offers, with the UK Foreign offers, to make progress that one would like to see. There is that stand officious that doesn’t allow, for example, when one ask questions about the 1988 slaughter of 30,000 Iranian citizens, when one asked question, we get a puzzled look coming from the minister in the form of alphas and saying, “Well, we’re not sure where. We don’t recognize those figures. They haven’t been proved.” That’s how the willingness is a huge frustration to those of us who know the truth of that horror. 

The reality is that, and obviously at the time of this pandemic, we can’t press but I’ve long been eager to see those very faithful members of the Iranian community within the United Kingdom, who do so much, who works so hard. I would like to see them having the privilege of their leader, Madame Rajavi, coming to the United Kingdom and being able to rally them as only she can. 

Hence, it is an objective for the future. It is something that we must not lose sight of, nor must we allow. And sorry to put it like this, but the wishy-washy attitude of the FCO, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, to dissuade us from achieving that objective. Both visual and sound Vulcan approach that we will be able to win more support on the ground amongst UK citizens and to create the atmosphere where we can acknowledge those members of the NCRI and the esteemed leader. That would be the breakthrough.  

And for those who, like myself, are sitting in the United Kingdom parliament, then we have got to maintain the objective of having Madame Rajavi amongst us when the time is appropriate. I see some of you nodding in approval there. And the others, thank you. That must be our objective. Thank you very much.