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General James Conway, 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps (2006-2010), Addresses the Free Iran 2022

General James Conway, 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps (2006-2010)
General James Conway, 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps (2006-2010)

Excerpts of the speech of General James Conway, 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps (2006-2010), at the Free Iran 2022, is as follows:

Greeting, friends. I regret that the schedule is such that I could not join you this year in Albania. But when the organizers offered me the opportunity to send a video, I jumped at that chance. Time is short, but I would like to make three points with you today. Number one, I would like to honor the people who are hosting us.

They are the citizens of Albania. The world watched six years ago when the Albanians made a very courageous decision, and you left Iraq with little more than your possessions and the clothes on your back. But you left with values. Those values were hard work, industriousness, integrity. You brought those values with you to Albania. You immediately shared your professional skills with people in the community.

You integrated and honored their customs and courtesies, and you even helped out at a time of crisis and natural disaster. To be honest, sometimes a migrant population can be a burden on the region where they go.

In your case, however, it was just the opposite. When the regime started to see the success you were having, they sent agents into the country to try to demean your efforts and degrade your reputation. But the Albanians quickly recognized this and asked them in no uncertain terms to please leave our country and not come back.

We have an expression in the Marine Corps, we teach our commanders to always leave a place better than you found it. When you return to your native land, the dear citizens of Ashraf-3, you will leave Tirana and arguably all of Albania, a better place because you once lived there.

Point number two: This current administration has blinders. Blinders or leather cups that are put on the outside of the horse’s eyes, which don’t allow them any situational awareness or to be aware of what’s going on around them. They can only see what’s immediately in their direct front.

In this case, it’s my belief that our administration has blinders on about the idea of a nuclear deal with Iran. They could not possibly risk antagonizing the regime by showing favor to the MEK. The good news is you still have plenty of friends in the Congress. You recently at Ashraf have had some very distinguished visitors, senior visitors in our government.

And 83% of the American population sees the government of Iran as being bad and unforgiving.

Point number three: Currently, the nation of Iran is a complete train wreck. The regime has completely mishandled the recent disease. Tens of thousands of Iranians probably died unnecessarily because of their stubbornness and their inability to deal with the disaster. Unfortunately, 85 million of your fellow Iranians are destined to live out their lives under this regime unless something changes.

Currently, in Iran, foolish on short supply. What there is incredibly expensive. At the same time, workers and retirees are being either underpaid or potentially not paid at all. The regime is shifting monies from the central banks to pay for their weapons systems and other things. As a result of all of that, fathers are simply hard-pressed to feed their families.

Inflation, by comparison, in the United States and in most European countries is at about 8%. Last month, in June 2022, inflation in Iran was at 52%. As a result of all of that, the new president, Raisi, has an approval rating somewhere below 28% in that nation. Folks, I think that simply cannot continue. But my encouragement to you is that change will come sooner or later.

When it comes, you simply need to be ready. Iran needs you. They need the leadership of Madame Rajavi and her ten point plan for a more effective government. And as importantly, you are the answer to the prayers of 85 million of your fellow Iranians.

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