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Lord David Alton, Member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom, Addresses the Free Iran 2022

Lord David Alton, Member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom
Lord David Alton, Member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom

Excerpts of the speech of Lord David Alton, Member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom, at the Free Iran 2022, is as follows:

Dear President-elect, Madame Rajavi, honourable Colleagues, distinguished dignitaries, dear people of Iran, it is an honour to join you here from Westminster today, and thank Madam Rajivi for presenting to the world the viable democratic alternative for the Iranian people that already exists.

Guided by Madame Rajavi’s ten point platform for the future of Iran that embraces the true democratic aspirations of the Iranian people. This Iranian solution is exactly what the international community needs at this chaotic time and at this critical juncture in Iran’s history.

The chance of down with dictator, down with race and company reverberating throughout Iran, make absolutely clear what the Iranian people want. The World Free Iran Summit 2022 shows that the Iranian people and their resistance movement rely on themselves and have their own solution and alternative to bring about a more prosperous and better Iran.

It’s now up to us in the west to stand up for and implement the international laws and the conventions that we drafted and ratified to end impunity for Iran. In fact, the UN special Apparatus who deals with Iran as his mandate to monitor human rights in the country, has called upon the international community to secure accountability. As the judiciary in Iran is part of the state repression.

I believe that the United Kingdom can and must answer this call and take the international lead, considering our respective voice within the global legal community and our position as a respected member of the UN Human Rights Council and a prominent member of the United Nations Security Council.

So, I urge the United Kingdom government to back Madame Rajavi‘s call and refer the regime’s appalling human rights dossier to the United Nations Security Council with the view of prosecuting those responsible for human rights abuses in an international tribunal to facilitate this campaign for justice.

I urge the United Kingdom government to listen to the cross-party view in both houses of British Parliament and recognise the 1988 massacre as a crime against humanity and to publicly ask for and secure a United Nations investigation into this massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran and the killing of 1500 protesters in November 2019.

Both of which the current Ebrahim Raisi played a significant part of … The United Kingdom government should move to prescribe the entire IRGC as a foreign terrorist organisation, as the paramilitary force is instrumental for the regime’s domestic crackdown and for destabilising activities which is carried out overseas.

The logistic dictatorship in Iran has an expiration date. Like the Shah’s dictatorship, is destined to be overthrown by the people of Iran and never to return.

The change today is within reach as the popular protests continue to grow inside Iran and the Iranian resistance movement gains momentum both at home and abroad. Now the international community must decide if it wants to stand with the Iranian people and their Resistance, or does it want to stand instead with the oppressors.

For me, that trace is clear and that’s why I’m joining you today and will stand with the Iranian people and the Resistance led by Madame Rajavi until Iran is free. Thank you.