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Marc Ginsberg, Former US Ambassador to Morocco, Addresses the Free Iran 2022

Marc Ginsberg, Former US Ambassador to Morocco
Marc Ginsberg, Former US Ambassador to Morocco

Excerpts of the speech of Marc Ginsberg, Former US Ambassador to Morocco, at the Free Iran 2022, is as follows:

Thank you. Madame Rajavi, I’m so disappointed in myself. You know, the other day I got a message from one of your colleagues that said the Iranians issued a sanctions list of all of these Americans who are now official enemies of the regime. And I was number nine on the list. Okay?

Some people would say, well, that puts you in the top ten. But you know, I’m hoping that by my speech tonight, I’ll bring myself down at least a notch or two. Okay?

And I want to say to you, Madame Rajavi, how honored I am that the Iranian regime considers me worthy enough to be number nine on their enemies list. I’m determined to work my way down that list for you. Okay? You know, you in that speech tonight was fantastic. You are going to be a president of Iran one day, just like this woman from Ukraine will be president of her country.

You know, 45 years ago, 45 years ago, this regime, this awful regime, this regime that has brought nothing but misery, torture, Covid, illness, famine, war, terrorism has stayed in power. 2024 will be the 45th anniversary. In the 23 years when we are today, we have kept believing that somehow or other this regime is going to become a normal state. Okay?

Well, let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemen. When the United States began negotiating an Iran nuclear deal and someone came up with this phrase in order to make it sound so sterile, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or the JCPOA well, I’ll tell you what that JCOPA really means to me. It’s a jaundice cause to protect outdated Ayatollahs, JCPOA. Okay?

The reason why the United States and these countries have gotten their hands wrong about dealing with Iran’s nuclear weapons is because Iran will eventually have a nuclear weapon with Ayatollahs in control if we do not do something about it.

Now, there’s a growing need for there to be an Abraham alliance against Iran. OK? This alliance must not be negotiating what essentially is a fool’s errand to believe that not letting the Ayatollahs get a nuclear bomb today, when they will get it tomorrow, will put us out of our misery with respect to that country. Oh no. What we need is an Abraham alliance to overthrow this regime before it gets nuclear weapons.

And overthrowing that regime means deciding once and for all that there will be an alliance of democracies that understand that this government in Iran will should no longer oppress its people as it has. And we should make 2024 the year that that regime is thrown into the dustbin of history.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will do everything I can to bring myself down to the top five haters of Iran. Thank you.