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Pandeli Majko at MEK’s annual Free Iran rally

On Saturday 13 july 2019, a large crowd gathered in Ashraf 3, Albania, home to Iranian opposition group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), to hold the annual Free Iran rally of the Iranian resistance. The event was the fourth installment in a series of events held at Ashraf 3. Pandeli Majko gave a speech in this gathering.

Pandeli Majko – Former Prime Minister of Albania and member of Parliament

Pandeli Majko: Because you are in the faith of Albanians, and this is our tradition. Of course, from official Tehran we have different rumors in front of the Iranian society, we answer it in this way. Nuclear bomb cost freedom, no. (Paying Syria) regime costs freedom, no. Madame Rajavi in Iran means that all this money that you pay to create troubles for others to be returned back to the Iranian families. This is shortening our answer. But if they want to touch you, they must know then when we have been invaded we have told the invaders gold yes, Jewish no.

Pandeli Majko also said: Now they must know that if they raise the issue of yours, your staying her with Albania, the ambassador of Iran and his deputy have been kicked out. Don’t push us, don’t push us for more because we are ready to repeat the same expression of Albanians in during the Second World War, gold yes, mojahedins are our friends.

Pandeli Majko ended his speech saying: And this is the reason that we are all together here honoring such activity because you have honored us doing such beautiful Ashraf 3 like real institution of friendship between us. I hope that soon we will come to see you in Tehran. Thank you.

Pandeli Majko had previously said:


Former, PM of Albania, Mr. Pandeli Majko spoke during a grand rally in Paris in June, 2018. In his speech to some one-hundred thousand supporters of the MEK he said: “Dear friends, we in Albania do not speak your language. But I hope that we understand very well each other from another language the language of the hearts and this is the reason that we are doing this in such a difficult times for the Iranian people. I know there are a lot of differences in such a difficult days. But I remember and old rule that came from the ancient times that Iranian people know very well. Having a horse does not mean that you are a knight. Having boxes to vote, does not mean that you are free to vote. Albania’s choice was based on that. Helping Assad that kills his people with chemical weapon or helping Iranian people that are in need? Our choice is to help you. We are waiting to see you soon. Back in Tehran.”