Uniting for Freedom, Democracy & Equality

to be the voice of the political prisoners by joining the rally


Political prisoners in Gohardasht, Karaj, Evin prison and Tehran central prison in a jointmessage under the title “A smaller Iran at Villepinte” wrote:While taking grave risks, political prisoners from all over the country, in various messages declared their solidarity with the grand gathering of Iranians in Paris on the first of July, calling on the Iranian diaspora to take part in it.

the Paris gathering shows that “there is hope, wishes are available and also there is an alternative that has all the necessary requirements. . . And what would be a more promise and glad tidings for us, the prisoners, to see that our friends and comrades in all parts of the world not only did not forget us, but are loud cry of ours and all the people of Iran that in a larger prison … our greetings and salutes to all the stars of this galaxy who are presenting a truly democratic, coherent and adamant aspect of Iran and Iranian presence to the world despite false presentations. ”

Mr. Ali Moezzi, one of the political prisoners of 80’s wrote from Great Tehran prison, “The Iranian people’s historic demands to reach a free and democratic Iran will not be forgone. Demands such as a pluralist society with fundamental freedoms, separation of church and state, the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, gender equality …the effort for change toward a liberated and democratic Iran of tomorrow is impossible with the mullahs’ regime. I see myself with you, from here in prison. Down with the mullahs’ regime principle, viva freedom!”


Political prisoners and Balouch prisoners in the central prison of Zahedan, including a number of Sunni clerics, wrote in solidarity with the Paris gathering, ” From all activists inside the country and abroad who have always made your efforts and stood with us, the voiceless prisoners behind bars, we are seriously requesting to take part in this rally as the defenders of our rights, and be our voice to the world …We political prisoners firmly support this rally of Iranians in July.”

Ebrahim Firoozi, a Christian political prisoner, send his message from Gohardasht prison:” The gathering of fellow citizens in France is a sign of the flaming spirit of liberation. Now that we are not allowed to have free assembly inside Iran, by supporting the gathering of Iranians abroad and responsible participation in this gathering, we can be the voice of those suffering from the clerical regime, which annually brings thousands of people to death and have removed bread from the workers’ table. ”

The political prisoner, Arjang Davoodi, wrote from exile in the central prison of Zabol: “In the current battle against oppression and injustice, it can be argued firmly that the National Council of Resistance and the PMOI, with the dedication of thousands of martyrs and prisoners, can be the precursor of the just struggle of Iranians … Therefore, I invite everyone to participate in the grand gathering of Paris to hold it as magnificent as possible.”

Political prisoner Mehdi Farahi Shandiz sent a message from Qazvin Prison: “After the decisive transfer of the PMOI members and combatants of NLA to Albania and after the fake election that put Khamenei and the his whole regime in a dead end, it was proved that the choice of our nation is to get rid of religious despotism and fascism, and separation of religion from the state and Iran without compulsion, discrimination, censorship, repression, torture and execution …. I have been tormented and imprisoned for many years, I want you to say no to 38 years of execution and imprisonment, and to say not to the black religious tyranny, by joining the Paris gathering to raise the flag of resistance for the liberation of Iran and Iranians. Make your voice heard by all Iranians and to those beyond the wall of prisons in Iran.”