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UN Special Rapporteur:  an upsurge in executions and suppression in Iran

In his recent report, Mr. Javid Rehman, the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, criticized the increase in executions and suppression inside the country.

Abolish Sentencing Children to Death in Iran – UN Special Rapporteur (Press Conference)

On Oct 24, 2018, in a press conference held after the UN session, the UN Special Rapporteur expressed his concern about the huge number of prisoners in Iran, including:

  • Environmental activists, who are facing the death penalty charged with “corruption on earth”.
  • Women, who are arrested for protesting against the compulsory hijab.
  • At least 8,000 people who were arrested during the January protests, and are threatened with the death penalty.

The UN special rapporteur advised that the UN continue to monitor the ever increasing protests in Iran, and the Regime’s suppression and mistreatment of those arrested and detained. Many Iranian prisoners have died since the beginning of the year under suspicious circumstances, likely whilst being tortured, but the Regime claims that “these are suicides and rejects a full investigation of the facts”.

As a matter of fact, what can be realized from the UN special rapporteur’s primary report, is that the human rights situation in Iran is calamitous, just like the political and socio-economic situation of the country. By appointing a UN special rapporteur.

The international community is holding the mullahs’ regime accountable. However, despite repeated requests, the regime denies the UN special rapporteur and human rights monitors permission to look into the situation directly by going to Iran. No one has visited the country since 2005 for inspection of the human rights situation.

Therefore, the Iranian society expects that the United Nations Human Rights Council takes their protests into consideration and addresses the dire human rights situation in Iran. The next reports of the UN special rapporteur must deeply unveil this catastrophic human rights situation for the international community.

As the UN special rapporteur, Mr. Javid Rehman is tasked with scrutinizing the human rights situation in Iran, the eyes are on him for thoroughly exposing the human rights violation committed by the mullahs regime. He is also expected to take urgent action to compel this medieval regime to release all the detainees of the recent uprisings and to abolish its cruel punishments including torture, the death penalty, deprivation of medical care and etc.


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