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Iran Regime Supreme Leader bombs at Friday prayer speech

By Staff

Iran Regime Supreme Leader bombs at Friday prayer speech

The Iranian regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei made an appearance at Friday prayers in Tehran and delivered a sermon, where he admitted that it had been a tumultuous couple of weeks following the death of regime terrorist Qasem Soleimani and the security forces’ downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane.

Iran Regime Supreme Leader bombs at Friday prayer speech
The supreme leader goal was to boost the morale of Iran’s militia forces and maintain their support following the death of Qasem Soleimani

The supreme leader’s goal was to boost the morale of Iran’s militia forces, who seem to be losing their support for the mullahs after so many public setbacks. That’s why Khamenei exaggerated both the crowds at Soleimani’s funeral and the regime’s response to his death – the result of a US drone strike in Iraq – which was a missile attack on US bases in Iraq that intentionally missed its target so that the US would not retaliate.

Khamenei failed to address key issues in his speech, such as apologising to the families of the 176 victims of the aeroplane crash, instead praising the murderous forces who caused the disaster. He didn’t even express sorrow for the 78 people in Kerman, who died during Soleimani’s funeral because the regime forced the crowd, who were already bribed or forced to be there, into a tight alley to create the impression of a large and tightly packed participation.

He also tried to ignore ongoing demonstrations in Iran, including the student protests that started over the plane crash but was forced to address the matter, labelling the millions of protesters as “deceived people” and showing anger towards those who burned banners of Soleimani, the murderer of thousands upon thousands of innocent people.

The supreme leader also wanted to hit back at France, Germany and the United Kingdom – the remaining Western signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal – who triggered a dispute mechanism after the regime again violated the deal. He claimed they wanted to overshadow Soleimani’s funeral, but showed that the regime is desperate because he said he would negotiate and did not withdraw from the deal.

One thing he did make clear was that the regime will not stop its terrorist activities, saying that the Quds force, who he described as “combatants without borders”, were “patiently watching everyone and everywhere”.

The Iranian resistance wrote: “This clearly indicates that Khamenei remains all the more committed to the mullahs’ regional meddling and terrorism. Khamenei also admitted that the crimes of the Quds Force in other countries are aimed at preserving the regime’s security against protesters inside Iran. Khamenei’s remarks were again a dismissal of any hopes that change from within the regime is possible.”