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Iran facing on brink n collapse as election near

By Staff

Iran facing on brink n collapse as elections near

The Iranian Regime will soon collapse and the mullahs have turned on each other in their constant infighting to blame the other faction for the crises they’re facing. Aside from ongoing protests by its people, the regime is facing two main crises:

  • the Parliamentary election
  • the adoption of the Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) legislation

With regards to the election, the Guardian Council, which is under the direct control of supreme leader Ali Khamenei, supervises candidates and decides whether they can run. The Council has disqualified more than 90 current MPs, mainly from President Hassan Rouhani’s faction, and prevented them from running again.

This is Khamenei’s attempt to unify the mullahs under him and has angered Rouhani and his faction who want to hold onto power. It has also terrified the mullahs because they know that public displays of their infighting will only cause more protests, which spells disaster because the Iranian people are not going to stop until they get regime change.

Rouhani even admitted that the regime has been rigging elections for the past four decades and called for the mullahs to come together and prolong the life of the regime.

The other crisis in the deadlock over the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) legislation, which the regime needs to accept in order to access the world’s banking system. Despite the fact that the one-year deadline on accepting the CFT expired on January 21, the regime’s Expediency Council has not yet said whether it will adopt the legislation

Why not? Well, the most significant problem is that the CFT would expose the regime’s funding of terrorist groups and prevent the terrorist Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) from controlling the country’s economy. Cutting off the IRGC’s financial resources will prevent the force from having enough money to crush future uprisings.

Rouhani’s faction wants to increase its power and prolong the regime by clinging to Western powers, but this won’t work because western governments demand specific measures, including the ending of meddling in the affairs of other countries and support for terrorism. The regime will never submit to this.

The Iranian people don’t trust this regime and are, in fact, determined to topple it, as shown by their recent protests, where they chanted “Reformist, Hardliner the game is over”, and the Iranian people, together with their resistance forces, will soon topple this regime, and end the crises in Iran.