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Iran: Saravan Uprising – No. 3 – Regime Disconnects the Internet, Sends Reinforcements From Surrounding Cities to Suppress the People of Saravan

Following the uprising by the people of Saravan, the residents of Keshtegan village from Bam-Posht district gathered in front of the Revolutionary Guards garrison, the Guards opened fire and the people defended themselves by throwing rocks and broke the gate to the garrison. During the uprising today, the regime sent reinforcements from Zahedan, Khash, and some other cities to Saravan.

The Revolutionary Guards and other suppressive forces killed at least 40 protesters and wounded more than 100 defenseless protesters, who were taken to hospital, some in critical condition.

According to medical sources, Razi Hospital in Saravan is facing severe blood shortages but the regime is preventing medical help. The authorities have cut off or disrupted Saravan’s internet in order to prevent the spread of the news of the uprising. It has also blocked all the roads to the city.

The names of a number of Saravan martyrs are: Yahya Gangozehi (son of Ali Khan), Abdolrahman Shahrsan Zehi, Abdi Shahrsan Zehi (son of Baharshah), Salman Shahrsan Zehi, Rahman Bakhsh Dehvari (son of Baharshah), Abdul Wahab Damani, Ons Sahebzadeh, Abdul Ghafoor Totazahi, Mohammad Mirblouch Zehi, and the 17-year-old Mohammad Nosrat Zehi (son of Bashir).

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
February 23, 2021