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Budget Bill 2022-2023 and Iranian Regime’s Fear of Social Explosion

The majority of Iranians are under pressure below the poverty line, but the mullahs' regime has again increased the pressure on them in the New Year budget.
The majority of Iranians are under pressure below the poverty line, but the mullahs’ regime has again increased the pressure on them in the New Year budget.

2022(1401 Persian year) budget Attack on wage earners

In its editorial, the state-run newspaper Jomhuri Eslami on December 25, under the headline “Necessity of amending the budget bill” wrote: “Asset taxation with this decree, which is foreseen in the 2022-2023 budget bill, if implemented, in addition to being a kind of heresy in tax collection, will create devastating problems for the public.”

As far as the Jomhuri Eslami newspaper is concerned about the popular uprising, it has warned: “It may lead to a large and uncontrollable social explosion. Do you know what an uproar such a method of taxation will cause in society?”

The regime’s plundering war machine against the people is rapidly seizing all areas of the people’s livelihood from which it is providing its surviving income.

The government with its tax policy and approach while stealing bluntly from the people, leaves behind the most hurt people the middle class and workers, who are paying the most taxes.

This is while in the proposed budget of 2022, the budget of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), the regime’s Radio and Television and various security, judicial, military, religious, and media institutions and centers mostly unrelated to the people’s social life has been increased with generous open-handedness by the regime significantly.  

Considering the tax arrears and evasions of the influential and powerful people and tax exemptions of big economic poles such as Astan Quds Razavi, the hands of the regime’s government are directly in the pockets of the people and is exploiting even more than the past years to provide the annual budget, which is revealing the regime’s president hollow promises to improve the people’s living conditions.

The prediction of the state-run newspaper that this action will ignite more protests is an imminent warning due to the frequent protests to the severe living problems.

If the regime’s government considers increasing the taxes by 61 percent in the coming year, it is logical that the government in the first step creates for the people the ground of fair revenues, so that there is a balance between their salaries and the taxes.

Therefore, it must increase the salaries of the people by 64 percent in contra, else it is exploiting them.

The elimination of the 4200 currency and the property tax that the government has considered implementing next year is an unprofessional and dangerous action, as many of the regime’s officials are warning the government. The regime’s government is suffering from $36 billion of debt.

The country’s national currency is losing its value. The currency depreciation will hit the people and they will have problems enduring the economic waves created. This crisis happens many times over the past years while creating many social turbulences.

And the last one happened after the gasoline price increase in November 2019, which become a political and security challenge for the regime. And the regime’s government is implementing projects that will be not tolerated by the people, and they will not accept them, as we have seen in the teachers’ latest protests.

Some of the regime’s experts consider the elimination of the preferred currency and the possible increase of gasoline prices as a severe shock, economic and psychological, to the country.

The state-run daily Hamdeli advised the regime’s government to use its last chance to survive this situation:

“Perhaps those who ridiculed sanctions today, while being decision-makers, better understand its effects. The government has no way to get rid of the destructive effects of the sanctions, except to determine the fate of negotiations and the revival of the JCPOA as soon as possible, and to relieve itself of the pressures caused by the sanctions by concluding the talks.

“Continuation of the current trend will lead the government to move more towards austerity schemes, each of which will lead to social discontent.” (State-run daily Hamdeli, December 25, 2021)